Life just happens. Hours run into days and days into weeks and before you know it, it's been a month. Just like that. That's where I am right now. Like my days are unending and the nights pass quickly.  November was a blur for me. Getting sick after so many years of remission really kicked... Continue Reading →

A day in the life.

This is a day in my life. At 4:45 my alarm clock goes off.  I wake up looking like a super model and skip my way to the coffee pot. Ha, I'm just kidding. I wake up looking like a troll with a rat's nest on top, pillow dents in my face and  I sleepwalk... Continue Reading →

Welcome October 🧡🍁🍂

Well, in theory Fall is here. While we should be wrapping up in cozy sweaters and fuzzy boots, here in the South...we're still in shorts and sandals. I'm over it really. Pumpkins are on the front steps of home. I'm excited for Fall leaves and crunchy walks down the driveway. This kinda stuff makes me... Continue Reading →

I’m so over summer.

Yes. Me. Your summertime loving, bathing suit wearing, no closed toed shoes until September, cold weather hating, Lupus surviving, base ball cap wearing, mermaid-ish over summer. It's hot y'all! I swear SC has felt like the depths of hell for the last month and I am over it. School starts back on Friday, my one... Continue Reading →

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