Perfume hauling 💸💸💸

Yes. I’ve been on a roll. This is what happens when I create a budget and I don’t Dave Ramsey every damn dollar! I recently curated my perfume collection. (B T Dubs…..I’m still working on the makeup, I’ll get there. ) Anywaaaay. Perfume is my thing. It’s fascinating to me. How it’s made, what the […]


Stuff I’m Loving.

Helllo…… Dang. That kinda started out like that Adele song. Hello from the other sideeeeeeeee. I must’ve called a thousand times- To tell you I’m sorry, for everything I’ve done. But when I calll you never seem tobe at hooome.. Anyway. You get it. I like Adele. She’s pretty bad assed. This is a post […]