Life just happens. Hours run into days and days into weeks and before you know it, it's been a month. Just like that. That's where I am right now. Like my days are unending and the nights pass quickly.  November was a blur for me. Getting sick after so many years of remission really kicked... Continue Reading →

Sweet November

November is one of my favorite months. The weather has chilled out some, the leaves are shades of brilliant oranges and reds. I can run my little electric fireplace and wear snuggly sweaters. And then there's Thanksgiving. Yum. November hasn't always been a good month for me, when I was in a different place in my head,... Continue Reading →

PUR Midnight Mascarade

You guys know I'm a lister. I make lists. I plan. It's my nature. When I wake up I generally have a good idea of how I want my day to go. Like this morning, Phil and I had 3 mile date at the track and then I was going to come home, shower, re... Continue Reading →

A day in the life.

This is a day in my life. At 4:45 my alarm clock goes off.  I wake up looking like a super model and skip my way to the coffee pot. Ha, I'm just kidding. I wake up looking like a troll with a rat's nest on top, pillow dents in my face and  I sleepwalk... Continue Reading →

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