Mini Sephora Haul

By Mini. I mean MINI. I finally broke down and purchased Olaplex No. 3. During the summer I live at the pool. I try to keep my hair bunned up in a hat, but sometimes the urge to cannon ball get's the best of me and that's where this story becomes relevant. The chlorine and... Continue Reading →

What’s on my eyes…

because the face stuff is all the same. I was inspired for this look by Lauren Mae from Lauren Mae's Beauty. I was recently youtube searching for tag sort of videos to create a blog post about and I came across Lauren Mae's video called, The Makeup Mess Tag. I really liked her minimalist style... Continue Reading →

Monday, Monday, Monday and finding the good.

Today feels like Monday. Monday felt like Monday, Tuesday felt like Monday. Ugh, don't even get me started on yesterday, because it was the Monday-est day ever. It's been the week from hell. 🎉Insert happy Friday cheer here!🎉 Anyway, I'm finding and re finding the good. Some of my favorite things this week have been: Dresses.... Continue Reading →

Perfume is my “thing”.

Okay, maybe everything beauty related is my gig. Well, except fake eye lashes and those things were made in the depths of hell, by Satan himself. I can't do it. I tried twice. The first time, I didn't think the glue was sufficient, or something was off because they wouldn't stick on the inner corner of my eyes. That... Continue Reading →

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