Anti Cherry Eyes ❌🍒

I think everybody and their Momma on Youtube received the Urban Decay Cherry collection this week and I'm over it already. I love the look, but wanted to break out of the monotony of cherry everything. I dug out my 35O2 by Morphe and created this anti cherry eye look. This is how I got... Continue Reading →


Ipsy October 2018

I FINALLY got my Ipsy bag for October. Who Said Nights Were For Sleep? ( I do, I say it! I go to bed with the chickens!) I hear you Ipsy. 🚨🚨Spoiler Alert!🚨🚨 This post holds the contents of my October Ipsy Bag. And I'm super excited. Let's see what we have. First of all,... Continue Reading →

Divine Intervention

I had my list of things to do on Friday. I wanted to mow the lawn, which I did. I wanted to go eat hotdogs with Philip. And I did. Saturday I wanted to write, did that too. I tried new makeup, went to the grocery store, did an exceptional amount of laundry, especially  for... Continue Reading →

Mini Sephora Haul

By Mini. I mean MINI. I finally broke down and purchased Olaplex No. 3. During the summer I live at the pool. I try to keep my hair bunned up in a hat, but sometimes the urge to cannon ball get's the best of me and that's where this story becomes relevant. The chlorine and... Continue Reading →

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