Allure Beauty Box October 2018

I have been a beauty boxin fool this month. It's like getting a present or surprise that you sent yourself but somehow managed to forget about. 🚨Warning!🚨 Spoiler Alert! 🚨 This post contains the products I received in my October Allure Beauty Box. Let's see, where to start. Everything is soooo good! I received the... Continue Reading →

Ipsy October 2018

I FINALLY got my Ipsy bag for October. Who Said Nights Were For Sleep? ( I do, I say it! I go to bed with the chickens!) I hear you Ipsy. 🚨🚨Spoiler Alert!🚨🚨 This post holds the contents of my October Ipsy Bag. And I'm super excited. Let's see what we have. First of all,... Continue Reading →

Boxy Charm October 18′

The Alter Ego. 🚨Spoiler Alert.🚨 🎀 This post holds the contents of my October Boxy Charm. This month I received the Pur Complexion Authority Midnight Masquerade Palette.  I've never tried any Pur eye stuffs! I can see those blushes as eyeshadows and the eyeshadows themselves are quite dreamy. I swatched Hidden Secret on the blush side and... Continue Reading →

Deck of Scarlet, Edition No. 1

Instead of choosing a perfume in one of my Scentbird subscriptions this month, I decided to try a Deck of Scarlett palette. I believe this was the March/April palette with Evon Wahab. I have been super curious about these little palettes for quite a while, but didn't really want to commit to yet another subscription... Continue Reading →

Ipsy September 18′

Yes. I like it, Ipsy. 🚨🚨Spoiler Alert.🚨🚨 This post holds the contents of my September Ipsy Bag. ( I realize it's October, I'm not really sure why my bag is so late. ) The little bag is adorable! This month I received the Eva NYC Satin Dream Leave in Cream. I've never heard of this... Continue Reading →

Boxy Charm September 18′

The Wild Flower. 💗🌸🌼🌻🌼🌸💗 🚨🚨 Spoiler Alert. 🚨🚨 This post holds the contents of my September Boxy Charm. And it's a pretty good one. 💗 This month I received the Pretty Vulgar Nightingale Smokey Eyeshadow Palette. The packaging is so pretty. I have some of the shadows on my eyes today. I think it's a... Continue Reading →

August Scentbird

My August Scentbird is here! * I know, you're like August? Really? It's mid September dear girl.. I get it. I'm not sure why this post was in my trashed category- but was. My BF got Tommy Bahama Maritime Deep Blue, and I got Kat Von D Saint.   *The 2 photos above are... Continue Reading →

Perfume is my “thing”.

Okay, maybe everything beauty related is my gig. Well, except fake eye lashes and those things were made in the depths of hell, by Satan himself. I can't do it. I tried twice. The first time, I didn't think the glue was sufficient, or something was off because they wouldn't stick on the inner corner of my eyes. That... Continue Reading →

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