Twiggy Inspired.

I love 60's fashion and makeup. It's often said by people who know me that I was born out of my time. Today, I decided to do an eye look inspired by Twiggy's iconic look. Here's how I got the look. I followed the arch of my eye with a teeny bit of black eyeshadow... Continue Reading →

Divine Intervention

I had my list of things to do on Friday. I wanted to mow the lawn, which I did. I wanted to go eat hotdogs with Philip. And I did. Saturday I wanted to write, did that too. I tried new makeup, went to the grocery store, did an exceptional amount of laundry, especially  for... Continue Reading →

Get To Know Me Tag

Hi. ❤️ I did this when I wrote over at Sunshine's Beauty and thought since Stuff Sunshine Says is a newbie that I should introduce myself. There is a whole list of questions. Like 300 or so... I think we'll do 25. I'm not going to tag anyone, but I'd love to see your answers too!... Continue Reading →

A day in the life.

This is a day in my life. At 4:45 my alarm clock goes off.  I wake up looking like a super model and skip my way to the coffee pot. Ha, I'm just kidding. I wake up looking like a troll with a rat's nest on top, pillow dents in my face and  I sleepwalk... Continue Reading →

Welcome October 🧡🍁🍂

Well, in theory Fall is here. While we should be wrapping up in cozy sweaters and fuzzy boots, here in the South...we're still in shorts and sandals. I'm over it really. Pumpkins are on the front steps of home. I'm excited for Fall leaves and crunchy walks down the driveway. This kinda stuff makes me... Continue Reading →

Product Regrets 💸💸💸

You know how sometimes, you think you'll really enjoy something only to get it home and realize maybe you're not so crazy about it after all? Maybe it doesn't fit right, or the color is off- or maybe it's just not what you thought it would be? That my friends, is product regret. Please, note.... Continue Reading →

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