September Scentbird

Shhhhhhhh! Don't tell anyone, but..... I look forward to my Scentbird subscription more than I do any of the other ones. I love perfume that much. It's not something that I purchase and then say, well...I just bought a fragrace so I'll wait to try this one, I do that with foundation. Mascara. Shoes. Not... Continue Reading →

Product Regrets 💸💸💸

You know how sometimes, you think you'll really enjoy something only to get it home and realize maybe you're not so crazy about it after all? Maybe it doesn't fit right, or the color is off- or maybe it's just not what you thought it would be? That my friends, is product regret. Please, note.... Continue Reading →

August Scentbird

My August Scentbird is here! * I know, you're like August? Really? It's mid September dear girl.. I get it. I'm not sure why this post was in my trashed category- but was. My BF got Tommy Bahama Maritime Deep Blue, and I got Kat Von D Saint.   *The 2 photos above are... Continue Reading →

Perfume is my “thing”.

Okay, maybe everything beauty related is my gig. Well, except fake eye lashes and those things were made in the depths of hell, by Satan himself. I can't do it. I tried twice. The first time, I didn't think the glue was sufficient, or something was off because they wouldn't stick on the inner corner of my eyes. That... Continue Reading →

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