Top Five: Bronzer

Sometimes, I don't feel like I apply bronzer the way most people do, I tend to keep it right on top of my cheeks, around my hair line, across my nose and I usually dust a bit on the front of my chin. I don't contour with bronzer, but I will bronze with a contour..... I'll... Continue Reading →

Stuff I’m Loving.

Helllo...... Dang. That kinda started out like that Adele song. Hello from the other sideeeeeeeee. I must've called a thousand times- To tell you I'm sorry, for everything I've done. But when I calll you never seem tobe at hooome.. Anyway. You get it. I like Adele. She's pretty bad assed. This is a post... Continue Reading →

Top Five: Blush

Blush saves me. It's amazing how that little wash of rosiness can bring me back to the living within seconds. On my worst just fake it til you make it kind of day.. It's my I didn't sleep, don't feel like eating, I look pale and worn secret keeper. Here are my top 5: ELF Baked... Continue Reading →

Monday, Monday, Monday and finding the good.

Today feels like Monday. Monday felt like Monday, Tuesday felt like Monday. Ugh, don't even get me started on yesterday, because it was the Monday-est day ever. It's been the week from hell. 🎉Insert happy Friday cheer here!🎉 Anyway, I'm finding and re finding the good. Some of my favorite things this week have been: Dresses.... Continue Reading →

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