Twiggy Inspired.

I love 60's fashion and makeup. It's often said by people who know me that I was born out of my time. Today, I decided to do an eye look inspired by Twiggy's iconic look. Here's how I got the look. I followed the arch of my eye with a teeny bit of black eyeshadow... Continue Reading →

Anti Cherry Eyes ❌🍒

I think everybody and their Momma on Youtube received the Urban Decay Cherry collection this week and I'm over it already. I love the look, but wanted to break out of the monotony of cherry everything. I dug out my 35O2 by Morphe and created this anti cherry eye look. This is how I got... Continue Reading →

What’s on my eyes…

because the face stuff is all the same. I was inspired for this look by Lauren Mae from Lauren Mae's Beauty. I was recently youtube searching for tag sort of videos to create a blog post about and I came across Lauren Mae's video called, The Makeup Mess Tag. I really liked her minimalist style... Continue Reading →

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