PUR Midnight Mascarade

You guys know I'm a lister. I make lists. I plan. It's my nature. When I wake up I generally have a good idea of how I want my day to go. Like this morning, Phil and I had 3 mile date at the track and then I was going to come home, shower, re... Continue Reading →

Mattes, Morphe and Michael πŸŒͺ

Another Hurricane? Whew, Little is out of school again, and while I sincerely appreciate the effort the school officials put into keeping our kids and staff safe, I would really love for my Little to have a Spring Break. Not that we have exotic vacation plans or anything, he will just really need a break... Continue Reading →

Deck of Scarlet, Edition No. 1

Instead of choosing a perfume in one of my Scentbird subscriptions this month, I decided to try a Deck of Scarlett palette. I believe this was the March/April palette with Evon Wahab. I have been super curious about these little palettes for quite a while, but didn't really want to commit to yet another subscription... Continue Reading →

A Pinterest Win: Glittery Eyes

I look to Pinterest for inspiration often, from my work space to makeup to Little's homework helpers, from clothing and organizing to cooking and painting my nails. I find inspiration there. So, naturally, when I look at a palette and feel sort of lost, I look to Pinterest for help. Enter The Jacyln Hill Palette.... Continue Reading →

Clemson Eyes, BH Cosmetics πŸ§‘

I'm so glad you guys are my friends from afar today, really this whole week. To say I've been under the weather is an understatement. My immunocompromised little self could barely handle elementary school germs, now we have middle school germs and they are pretty mean. Whew, let me tell ya. I'll be the first... Continue Reading →

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