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My Skin Care Routine.

I have always been a skin care junkie, but I haven’t always had a skin care routine. I know right, it happens. I’d try this and that and then something else and I never really saw any improvement in my skin. It wasn’t until I consistently started using the same stuff that I started noticing […]


Weekly Outfit Planning II

I enjoyed writing this post last week, so I thought I would give it another go. This week looks like this. No school on Monday, but I stil have to work. Tuesday is back to the eye doc for more tests. My exam went well last week. My eye doc is super cool, he explained […]


What’s on my nails.

My fingernails have been a hot mess lately. Brittle and peeling and just plain ol’ gross. So I haven’t been painting them. Today, I thought my hands were looking especially old, I guess it’s a combination of stopping all of my supplements and winter’s cold air? For this weeks mani I decided on grey. Phil […]