I love sunshine, happy people and sparkly things.

Stuff I’m Loving.

Helllo…… Dang. That kinda started out like that Adele song. Hello from the other sideeeeeeeee. I must’ve called a thousand times- To tell you I’m sorry, for everything I’ve done. But when I calll you never seem tobe at hooome.. Anyway. You get it. I like Adele. She’s pretty bad assed. This is a post […]


Clemson Eyes, BH Cosmetics 🧡

I’m so glad you guys are my friends from afar today, really this whole week. To say I’ve been under the weather is an understatement. My immunocompromised little self could barely handle elementary school germs, now we have middle school germs and they are pretty mean. Whew, let me tell ya. I’ll be the first […]


Welcome, September.

I’m jonesing for cooler weather and the twinkle of my fireplace. I can’t wait to wear chunky sweaters and snuggle up in a blanket, with my coffee cup in hand and watch the world pass by unaware. I’m welcoming September. I have a few September goals, I kinda wanted to run by you guys for […]