I Love Jewelry Subscription Box💍

I fell into the Face Book advertising world and hopped on board with the I love Jewelry Subscription Box.  It’s a subscription box that comes one monthly for 25.00$ and yep, you guess it… it has jewelry. Not just any jewelry, but monogrammed jewelry. I mean, how could I not?

Well. I’ll tell you now. Their customer service lacks just a bit and you have to take the world around your elbow to actually get in touch with them, but my first box was good. I’ll definitely wear the things they sent to me. We’ll see how they do with the second box.

Wanna see what I got?

I got this cool af tumbler, which I love… I know what you’re thinking… “You said jewelry Sunshine… ” Yes. I did. I thought the same thing. It’s still cool.

And this set of three stretchy bracelets. I love the cowrie shell one. Super sparkles.

My monogrammed piece. It’s totally bad assed. I love the length and of course the monogram.

And last, but not least, I received these cool pink and gold leather ish boutique style earrings. Cutey, right?

I mean I would have paid 25 dollars for the necklace, the rest is just a bonus.

I do wish they were a little more dependable. I’ve been charged twice and have only received one box. On the first, they’ll bill me again. Ehhhhhh.

I don’t know.

Have you guys tried the I love Jewelry box?



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