MAC Eye and Face Kit, first impression thingie.

I’ve never tried Mac eyeshadow. Actually, I’ve never really tried a lot of anything from Mac. During the Nordstom Anniversary sale, I decided to buy a Mac Eye and Face kit, along with a  lot of other things I’d been eyeballing.

For some reason, I chose the cool one?

The palette/kit itself is beautiful. It’s sparkly and feels weighty. The mirror is absolutely fantabulous.

Anyway, I used it to create the look I’m wearing today, and while it’s okay.. and looks okay….I feel a little underwhelmed by it. Like maybe I expected a little more. Then again, it could purely be my choice of shades. I mean, really Sunshine… a cool one? 

For today’s look, I used a little of the lightest shade, Take It To Go on my brow bone and to bring some light to my inner corners caverns. Then I used Cozy Grey as a transition. I know, I know. It’s a little dark for the crease, but I was just messing around a bit and thought what-the-hell, why not?! It blended well enough, I didn’t do my usual take it above the crease trick because I didn’t want it to look like I had a black eye or anything. From there, I used my finger to pat Deception all over the lid.

( I used a fluffy brush and added just a smidge of Saucy from the Tarte Maneater Palette to warm it up a hair. That’s the warm shade you see just above the crease. )

As far as blending and wearing the shadows, I have no complaints.  They blended well. I didn’t notice any patchiness or skipping and they haven’t creased yet. I’m on hour 8  9 with this makeup.

Yet, I still feel a little blah about it? Maybe it’s just the cool shades. I’m such a warm, red, yellow, crackeye orange sort of a girl.

Have you guys tried this little kit? What did you think?




  1. It looks very good on you! and Im also a warm shades type of gal.

    I love mac products specially eyeshadows, they are consistent. and that packaging is to die for, Im wonder if it only sells in Nordstrom
    Overall those colors suits you well

    Have a lovely day

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    1. Thank you! I’m not sure if it’s exclusive to Nordstrom or not? It’s good to hear that the shadows are consistent. Maybe I should try the warm one, while it’s on sale and I have the notes/points. 🙂


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