Stuff I’m Loving ❤️

This is the real deal, right here. The good stuff. The cream of the crop. This is the top notch stuff I’ve been happiest wearing.

We’ll start with the face.

I’ve been crazy about anything Glow Recipe. I use the Watermelon Glow Pink Juice Moisturizer and the Watermelon Sleeping Mask simultaneously. I know, I’m such a rebel. They both wear well under my makeup and add some serious nourishment to my skin. Who doesn’t need that?

(I’ve been testing the TooFaced Hangover Rx Replenishing face primer and I’m loving it. I feel like it makes a difference in how my makeup looks and even how it feels on my skin. I’ll let you know more as I use it)

For foundation I’ve been mixing my OG (Ol Gangsta) Covergirl Clean Matte BB Cream with TooFaced Peach Perfect Clean Matte Foundation, not a crazy amount or anything, just a little dab. I wear foundation everyday, all day. 10-11 hours a day. This combo holds up. For concealer, I use a teeny bit of the Maybelline Fit Me in Light 10. Health stress and no sleep have my under eyes looking haggard. I received a little baby cutey size Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder as a Sephora perk, I think…or maybe it was a beauty box? Anyway, along with the foundation mentioned above my makeup looks nice and best of all it packs some serious staying power.

I know this is like a beauty fanatic nono, but I haven’t really been into blush lately. Instead, I’ve been using the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer in Light. No highlight either. I know, I know. No blush OR highlight??

I still use the same 4 holy grails for my eyebrows.

  1. NYX Micropencil in Espresso
  2. Tarte Shape Tape concealer in Fair Beige
  3. Benefit Gimmebrow in 4.5  (I didn’t like this at first, it was pure user error.)
  4. Milani Prep Set & Glow. I use this on the no name brush and bop a little on my brows and lids. It lightens them and sets my concealer, it’s not really holy grail for my brows, but I’m trying to use it up and it works well.

For eyeshadow, I’ve been loving the Maneater palette from Tarte. I know, right?? I mean first no blush, then no highlight and now a tarte palette made your favs? Who is this girl??

For real, this palette is bad assed and it smells like cake.

The shadows blend effortlessly. The shades are cohesive. The looks can be super wearable to the most dramatic and the look I create in the wee hours of the morning remains just as vibrant at the end of my work day.

For mascara, I finally cracked open the full size Fetisheyes by Pat McGrath, I was sent a baby sample to try and knew right away I would have to have the big daddy, you can see my thoughts here.

I mentioned that I’m all about Glow Recipe lately, so no surprise that I’ve been loving their Watermelon Glow Ultra Fine Mist. Oh My Gosh, this stuff smells so good. It’s refreshingly real. Not chemical at all. I feel like when I spray my face my skin drinks it up and smiles in appreciation. It’s like a treat for my skin.

To help everything stay in place I follow the Glow Mist with the Photofocus setting spray from Wet n Wild. Two totally different experiences, but it works. My makeup looks flawless and lasts the test of time.

I even have some favorite tools for you guys! I know they’re crusty and gross and need  to be cleaned. I’ll get there. I’ve always been a fan of Real Techniques, some of my first brushes were RT and I still have them, I purchased a dual pack of the RT Beauty Sponges and have been loving them as well. My powder brush is an oldie no name from years passed Beauty Box. I’ve glued the ferrel back on numerous times. Wish I knew the name of it so I could tell you guys. My favorite brush for highlighting my brow bone and inner caverns is the Shany E 001. I’m sure this was not the intent, but it’s what I like. For crease work, I’ve been loving the Shany E 002. For under eye work and work in smaller areas, I’ve been loving the Stila # 7. Last but certainly not least, I’m still loving the $1.00 E123 brush from Shop Miss A. This little guy is a few years old now and is still like new.


This has been my go to, not feeling like messing around, going from work to hospital to doctor’s office because who feels like going out makeup. Definitely the stuff I’ve been counting on and loving.

What have you guys been loving? Have you tried any of my favorites?



To see these products in action, you can find the YouTube version of this post here.




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