Dear YouTube,

********************My account has been reinstated*******************************

Dear YouTube,

Today is the 6th day my channel has been terminated. I check my email multiple times a day hoping for an explanation of why my channel was terminated. I’ve read and re-read the community standards so much that I can recite them without looking and I’m still left dumbfounded.

I wasn’t indecent. My content wasn’t indecent. I stated my intent, my content matched my titles. They weren’t clickbaity. My thumbnails weren’t clickbait. I was very careful about copyright issues. I stayed away from music and sound effects. I kept swearing to a minimum. I had 3 followers and had inched my way into a couple hundred minutes of view time, which isn’t anything at all, but it was a damn start. I uploaded 5 videos, all deleted. There would have been more, but I recorded more with my camera off than I did with it on. It’s a learning curve. For sure.

I posted the link to my YouTube channel in my stuffsunshinesays Instagram. I even shared a few of the videos here on my blog. Within hours of sharing the info on Instagram, both were shut down.

Google first sent me an email saying my account had been locked, then YouTube sent an email saying my account had been terminated, then about 2 hours later Instagram sent an email saying my account had been disabled. This blog was also associated with both of those platforms and that day I had 32 views on my Contact Me/ About Me pages.  8 of those views came from Instagram. I mean, lets be real, I never get than many views in one day. If I do it’s because I’ve double posted and  my subscribers really felt like reading. I’ve certainly never had that many views on my static pages.

All a coincidence? Um, I would think not. But I’ll never know because YouTube won’t answer me back on the appeal. I never received any strike warnings, no emails saying “Hey girl, you’re messing this up.” No nothing except for this:

Imagine? And now I’m prohibited from using YouTube again?? I must have broken some serious rules. Or something. C’mon YouTube. You guys can do better than that. Maybe if I was a Lauralee or a Jeffree Star, MannyMUA or even a Nikkitutorials? Hmm, would I warrant an explanation then?

I’m just saying.

If I broke some kind of rule talking about makeup and perfume, I’d like to know what it was. If someone hacked into my account and caused all of this ruckus, I’d like to know. Maybe I was Spam Botted? Or, if someone flagged me for whatever people flag people for, I’d like to know why.

I’d also like to know why my appeal hasn’t been answered. It’s been 6 days.




  1. I was banned from using google ads and I never found out why. They sent me an email similar to this and I have appealed 3 times and never a response. Not sure who is in charge of all of that stuff but they need a new system. I never did anything intentional. I had just added the ads to my blog and after looking all over I saw that I had over 50 plus hits on one ad…. who did that ? I have not freaking idea, but I am being punished.


    1. Oh no! That sounds like a spam issue! After I tweeted this post, my channel was unsuspended. Maybe you could take it to Twitter and tag them, from what I understand they have folks who review the tags. I’m so sorry this happened to you. You’re right, their system is seriously broken.

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