My Favorite Perfumes

Y’all know I love perfume. These are a few of my favorites.

You can find the YouTube version of this post here.

Hermès Twilly.

Joe Malone Wild Bluebell

Chloé Nomade

Glossier You

Guerlain Mon Guerlian

Lolita Lempicka

Wild Bluebell takes me away to those old flower fields I used to romp in as a child. No flower was left untouched. It’s as pure as it gets for a floral perfume. It’s HELLA expensive.

Twilly is a classic scent with a modern twist. It’s vanilla ish, clean and definitively feminine.

Nomad’e is freedom. Coachella in a bottle. It’s plummy, floral and smells like adventure.

Glossier You is skin. Clean skin.

Mon Guerlain is my “Big Girl” scent. I wear it to work often. It’s heavy on the vanilla and reminds me of pipe tobacco.

Lolita Lempicka is TONKA heaven.

These are my favorite perfumes right now.

(I just added Tom Ford’s Black Orchid to this list. It’s brilliantly heavy, warm and spicy. When I read the notes, one of the main ones was Chocolate. Imagine that?)

Do you guys wear perfume seasonally? Do you save heavier, warmer frangrances for the cooler months? If you are a seasonable perfume wearer, what’s your go to for Summer?








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