Anastasia Beverly Hills, Alyssa Edwards Eyes, YouTube and fitting in.

Not fitting in is more like it.

Sometimes, I feel like I have a hard time fitting in.

Even with the people who I feel the closest to.

Moving on.

Anyway, I successfully posted my first YouTube video last Saturday. I’m looking forward to that endeavor. I filmed a second video on Sunday, but…the camera wasn’t on. Gotta love that. Same subject, different note….I’ve been trying to trying to figure out how to incorporate the blog and my new channel and I’ve decided to make the blog a landing pad of sorts for the channel.

I think it’ll work.

On to the makeup.

I created this look with the ABH x Alyssa Edwards palette. This is how I did it.

Side note: I didn’t use an eye primer and since some of these guys are pressed pigments, they stain like a mofo. I think if I would have used a primer I might not have hot pink eyelids this morning. I mean, it works with nail polish, right?

First of all, can we talk about how beautiful this palette is? 😍

To begin, I used Headliner on my brow bone to highlight. I know I do that backwards, but. It’s always the first step. Then, I took a fluffy brush and blended Unicorn Tribe thru my crease and just slightly above. This shade was a little pinker than it looked in the pan.  I used a flat round brush to pat Texas Made on the outer half of my lid, this is the stainer you guys. I also ran it under my lower lash line. On the inner half of my eyelid, I applied Beyond, with my finger. Because y’all know I’m all about that shimmer or sparkle on the inner portion of my eye. Theeeen, for giggles, I used the brush that came with the palette and applied a hefty pop of Brick Road to my inner corners and to the outer half of my brow bone.

I lined my eyes with my usual Wet’nWild Brow Highlight and threw on a coat of It Cosmetics Super Hero mascara.

Reminds me of pink lemonade.

(photo courtesy of Kroger’s website)

What do you guys think?


Hug Somebody.


Oh. A video on this look will be up tomorrow. Check it out. Lemme know what you think. ❤️







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