Derma- E Overnight Peel

I feel like a teenager again. Like, literally. My face is hormonal, I’m moody as hell and the only thing I want to eat is BBQ Corn chips and hamburger steak.

Maybe it’s a season. I don’t know.

Anyway, to help with this acne and face stuff I seemed to develop after coming off of HBC, I decided to try an AHA. I settled on the Derma- E AHA Overnight Peel.

I used it last night for the first time and this is what I think.

IT BURNS! Oh my gosh, every bumpy on my face was lit up like the forth of July!

It even burned where there were no bumpies! It’s 5 % AHA! Whew! Girl! Why don’t you read about stuff first??

It’s kinda sorta sticky. Like it never really absorbs or dries? I kept thinking I was ruining my pillowcase. It’s that sticky.

My face was softer after I washed it all away, but as far as the acne or scars or texture- I’m sure it’ll take a little while longer to see any improvement.

I’m not a fan of the texture. It feels like instead of soaking into my skin, it just kinda sits there, or until I turn over anyway and then I’m sure my pillow case or hair catches the rest. Gaaaaaross.

Maybe the next time I’ll wear it like a mask and wash it away before bedtime. That way I still get the benefits of the product, but without sleeping in it.

Have you guys tried this peel? Did I get a bad one? Are they ALL like this?







  1. HI sunshine!

    I have never tried this peel , But I have tried the one from Drunk elephant – T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial. this is one is strong (25% AHA) and that one stung. but is a peel and usually is normal and then 3 days after you will see your face peeling. the level of % depends on how sensitive you skin is. My suggestion nourish your skin and see how it behaves the next following days. and wear SPF as you skin will be probably very sun sensitive now.

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