Tried and True Lip Stuff💋💋

In yesterday’s post, I went thru my tried and true makeup basket. I glossed over the lip stuff that I reach for daily thinking it would be way too much for just one post. So, today, we’re going thru lip stuff. This is the cream of the crop. The stuff I know I can count on.

I have 3 groups of lip stuff. The stuff in my basket in the bathroom. The stuff in my purse and work stuff. Usually they all regroup after a few weeks back into the bathroom basket. For the sake of convenience, we’ll start with the work lip stuff.

I just let it live on my computer riser. Something I use everyday, most of the day is this little EOS lip balm. I live for the Fresh Mint one as well. I just re ordered, it’ll be here tomorrow. These are my favorite balms. Everything else, is just a different shade of nude something or other. For variety and price, I love the Lip Paint Cube by LA Colors in Coffee Date. For the longest, this and the EOS were the only lip stuff I had at work. My favorite for shade is the Loreal Infallible Lip Paints in 312 Nude Star. The best lip liner is the Wet n Wild Perfect Pout in Bare to Comment. Other awesomeness includes Revlon Kiss Plumping Cream in Barely Blush, Ulta Patent Shine in…….um. There is no shade name, it’s a peachy nude. I also love Bare Minerals Gen Nude Lip Gloss in the shade Everything and the pencil stick by ELF in Praline. All of the glosses go well on top of this guy.

In my purse, I carry the Blistex Lip Balm, a NYX liner in Nude Pink and lots of various lip stuffs in all forms. For something longer lasting I like the Profusion Liquid Lipstick in Secret. My favorite is the Rimmel Provocalips in in the shade Intense Courage. These last F o r e v e r. My favorite lip gloss is the NYX Lip Crème in SMLC14. The best lip sticks, like normal everyday lipstick, are the Essence Ultra Last Instant Color in 08. Flower Beauty Ultimate Lip Butter in Rose Petal. Lorac Lip Crème in Entrepreneu and CYO Lipstick in the shade Living Together. On days that I’m really feeling bold, I reach for Ziggie by Colour Pop. (Those are not work days…. those are date days or mall days.)

And now, for the basket.

Noticing a pattern? I’m all in for nude lips??

In my basket, I rotate thru lip stuff in my collection. he last time I rotated was in the early Winter months, so it’s probably about time to move them again. I always keep a balm and a lip oil in. I love Blistex Soft and Lush with SPF and the Ulta Juice Infused Lip oil. The newest lip glosses are the Pat McGrath ones. I have 3 minis which I love equally. I know they are hella expensive, but. The formula of these glosses is so good! My lips feel good and healthy and they look  nice and healthy too. Oh, the shades I have are Divine Rose, Pale Fire Necture and Dare to Bare. I’ve also been enjoying the Laritzy Cosmetics gloss in Vibe. The newest regular ol’ lipsticks are from Believe. These are the Dollar General brand ones. They are pretty stinking awesome and 3.50$. My favorite formula are the lipsticks from Makeup Revolution, I have Awaken, Prime and Restore. Prime is a dupe for Tillbury’s Pillow Talk and Restore is a beautiful daring red.  I also love the Flesh lipstick in Hungry, the formula takes some getting used to, it’s sorta clear. I like it though. And last but not least is another dupe for Pillow Talk, and that’s Spiced Petal by Flower beauty. I’ve simply worn this one to death. It’s dirt and ugly and the bullet is abused. It’s so good. It’s like the chicken noodle soup of my lipstick basket. Or my favorite black leggings.

Wowza, that was a lot of lip stuff!

Have you guys tried any of my tried and true lip? Do you have a chicken noodle soup or black leggings lip stuff?






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