Forever 21 Jewelry Haul

Ahhh, yes, in comparison to the Shein stuff, this is muuuch better. It was a bit pricier, but I haven’t had to fix things and the quality of the pieces feel much better.

The necklaces are my favorite. They’re dainty and super sparkly. I can’t wait to wear them all! Oh! And the rings! I love them! They fit perfectly, even the midi ones. They make me want to paint my nails! I love it all! I know it’s all cheap stuff and it’ll probably turn in no time. But. It makes me happy. I get to experiment with jewelry and keep my budget. When I was 20 years old, our house was broken into and my jewelry collection along with our family safe was stolen. I lost every piece of jewelry I owned. Stuff that I had since I was little. Stuff my Mom and Dad gifted me. Stuff I had worked hard and saved for. I was heart broken. I decided then I wouldn’t invest so much time, money nor energy on it again. And I haven’t. I like CZs. I love stainless. I love inexpensive. And now I love gold. Simple. But cute.

Bitty and Doodle say hi. 🐱🐶

Faux pearl drop earrings, 3.43$

Hammered oval drop earrings, 3.90$

Beaded drop earrings, 4.90$

Assorted ring set, 6.90$

Layered heart charm necklace, 4.90$

Teardrop earrings, 2.95$ ( These guys are heavy!)

Heart tiered hoop earrings, 3.90$

Floral chain anklet, 3.90$

Hoop earring set, 5.90$

Heart necklace set, 4.90$

Assorted ring set, 4.90$

Disc oval earrings, 3.90$

Forever 21 saved the day!

Where is your favorite place to buy costume/cheap jewelry?






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