9 Weeks and Counting.

Today is my 9th week without any sort of immunosuppressant. And I feel great. Still a little unbalanced, especially when I turn my head a certain way or when I float in the pool too long…but other than that I’m doing great.

Sometimes I struggle with what I lost in those 8 years. Other times I think about how grateful I am that I have an un diagnosis. Well, I still have a diagnosis. I have UCTD. Or, they say I do. The only symptom I have is Raynauld’s.

I just got my lab back from Tuesday’s appointment and it is completely normal. Like you kind of normal. Sed rate is 2 and my CRP is .6.

I was so afraid they had made a mistake. Gosh. I tell ya, sometimes you just don’t know what or who to believe. I was thinking that after 9 weeks of no medication, I would blow the inflammation markers out of the water- especially combined with a weekend of fun at the pool minus sunscreen. But, thank God, they are normal.

I am normal.

I’m okay.

I’m going to be okay.

Happy day.

Here’s to 9 weeks and counting.

Hug somebody!




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