A few of my favorite things.


I’ve missed you guys.

Wanted to let you in on a few of my favorite things.

Photo from Glossier’s website.

Of course there’s a perfume. You, by Glossier. Oh, my gosh. I am so in love with this scent. You is powdery, sweet. But not sickening sweet. It’s like a natural sweet. Oooh, my gosh. I just love it. Almost creamy. It smells like clean skin. I believe it’s unisex as well. (Mine is from Scentbird, I’ve already purchased the biggie size.)

My next favorite is a technique. I’ve been loving doing my eye makeup this way.

Blow out the crease with something neutral. Higlight BIG on the brow bone and inner corners. Pack a darker shade on the outer half of lid and blend, blend, blend. Then, add a cordinating (or not)  shimmer or sparkley shade in the inner half. I’ve been trying eyelook after eyelook this way and it works well for my eyeshape and sort of droopy/ hooded lids.

Speaking of eye looks, I purchased this little guy on a whim. It’s the Cherry palette, by CColor Cosmetics. It rocks! The formula is perfect, blends well. Wears well and I can achieve all sorts of looks with it, not just cherry ish ones. Even if I use another palette for my eye look, I find myself pulling the lightest shade from he Cherry palette as a highlight shade.

It’s that good. HOWEVER. It is scented. Strongly, scented. I wish they wouldn’t do that. I mean who needs their eyeshadow to smell like fruit? I’m not eating it….I’m putting it on my eyes. One of the most sensitive parts of my body. Scent aside. I still love it.

I’ve also been loving these little 3 dollar lipsticks from Believe Beauty, which is the makeup line by Dollar General. They are both pretty awesome and I have reached for them consistently. The packaging is nice too, but the way they put those damn security stickers over them is a little bit of a pain.

That may just be my backwards ass DG too, you never know. I have the shades Soft Rose and Morraccan Spice.

I got this little baby teeny sample of Wake and Bake, Baking Oil by Beauty Bakerie in an Ulta order. It’s a good substitute for my Aveeno Positively Radiant Serum. The glow is real! Bare faced or under foundation.

Last but not least, I’ve been loving reading again. The time trap that is social media and I are trying to break up. I’ve already suspended my Instagram and yes, I have a strong suspicion that Facebook may be next. I started reading Where that Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens by to pool yesterday. I finished it at 230 this morning. I could not put it down.

What have you guys been loving? Have you had any stand out products? What are YOU reading?






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