I cannot believe it’s May already. In 21 days, my Little will be a 7th grader. 7th grade. That’s the good…and bad thing about time…It’s keeps moving on.

I don’t have any May goals, other than to start living my life again. I’ve been living sick for so long, I feel like I’ve forgotten how to live normal. Thursday marks one month off of all of the Lupus medicines. I’m so grateful to be okay, to feel okay. Other than what is appearing to be hormonal dizziness, and we have a plan for that next time. Only one month until I go have all of the tests again. I’m hopeful and prayerful that they will all still be perfect. How absolutely cool would that be??

Grateful, indeed.

So, no. No goals this month, other than to live as close to normal as I possibly can.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

What are your May goals?




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