Stuff I’m Loving and some things I’m not.

I’ve been loving a lot of stuff. Some old favorites, some new stuff. This might be a long post. Or at least picture laden. Let me know what you guys have been loving lately.

  1. Let’s just put all of the lipstick I’ve been jonesing  for right here at the beginning. I went on a lipstick binge a few weeks ago, you can find the details here.  Lip Stick Haul 🙈💋💋. These are the ones I find myself reaching for on the daily.  Essence Ultra Last in Eternal Beauty, Flower Beauty in Spiced Petal, LA Girl’s Snuggle from the Flat Velvet line, and from the Shop Miss A haul, I’ve been loving Cup Cake, by Amuse. You can see the Shop Miss A Haul here. Shop Miss A Haulage .
  2. I decluttered some of my perfume samples so that I could see what I have because clutter is no friend of mine. Anyway, I’ve been wearing Carolina Herrera, Good Girl and I’m loving it. Big surprise, it has notes of coffee and cocoa in it. It also has notes of almond, cinnamon, vanilla and clove. Gotta love that. It’ll be the next biggie size that I purchase. (I actually decided to go ahead and purchase it while I had the Diamond 20% off coupon from Ulta.) Seriously, it comes in a shoe.
  3. Essie Gel Coutour in the shade Fairy Tailor. I’ve been using this little drug store gem for a month or so. I have to admit when I first purchased it, I thought it was overpriced at 19.99$. However, as the month wore on and my nails looked good and my toe nails looked good, I think it was worth it. I am crazy about the shade, it looks clean and neutral, shiny.  The brush is nice, like the fat ones that I love so much by Wet N Wild, and the polish lasts forever.
  4. I’ve been enjoying wearing jewelry other than my medical alert stuff. I’ve had the same necklace on for 7 years, purchased  from Lauren’s Hope right after my diagnosis was confirmed. Now that  I don’t have that diagnosis any more, I retired it to my cabinet. I’ve been wearing this Brighton one a lot.  It’s one of my favorite pieces. I have a thing for hearts. ❤️❤️❤️
  5.  I have a few Becca products, a highlighter, an eye palette and some kinda wet feeling powder. I’ve never really been a fan. Usually I can find drugstore things that make me just as happy and for a quarter of the price. I received a sample of the Becca First Light Priming Filter Instant Complexion Refresh and HOLY CRAP. I love it. I do feel like it brightens my complexion in a less dull kind of way. I’m not so sure about the hydrating claim, my skin is fairly hormonal right now and can’t decided how it wants to live.
  6. And last but not least, my favorite foundation for the last few months has been the Covergirl Vitalist Healthy Elixer. I’m in the shade Ivory. It had to grow on me, now I reach for it every day. It’s the kind of foundation that I don’t worry about surprises with, even with moody skin. It wears well, makes it thru the majority of my 12 hour days, wears away well and doesn’t break me out. I have multiple backups of this one. I’m that crazy about it.
  7. I almost forgot. I’ve been loving my Zenni glasses. I don’t know if the Blokz tint works any different than any other glasses I’ve worn . I figure if you work on the computer all day, it probably doesn’t hurt. Zenni is a pretty cool, I purchased 3 pair of glasses for about 100$. The one pair of glasses I purchased from my eye doc were four times that much and I can’t wear them and walk. 💸💸💸That’s bad news right there.

Now for the stuff I haven’t been loving.

  1. Boyfriends that don’t answer their phones. Um, yes. That’s a problem. We’re thru it now. but dammmmn. Give a girl a break already.
  2. This Good Molecules Overnight Exfoliant Treatment. I’d rather scrub my face with sandpaper than to use this again. I went to sleep with my hair down, woke up with it stuck to my face, the next time I used it I pulled my hair back and tried again, because persistence, my skin just doesn’t like it. It’s greasy and gross and even my pillowcase was gross after I peeled it from my face. Yes, only a few drops indeed. Nooo bueno.
  3. Loreal Magic Priming Base.  I’ve tried and tried to make this stuff work, it doesn’t play nice under foundation. No perfecting for me. I definitely don’t see blurred pores, reduced wrinkles, just crusty, cakey and definitely matte.

What have you guys been loving? What have you not been loving? Have you tried any of the products I mentioned?

I’ve also been loving: clean, white, bed linen, pink roses, mowed grass, goat’s milk soap, feeling better, anything from the Wagon Wheel Restaurant, waterfall hopes.




ps. Good Girl photo is from Ulta’s website. Isn’t it beautiful?

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