Weekend stuff.

Y’all  know I’m a planner. Every day, I have a plan. Things I need to do at work, things I want to do at home, weekend things. Nightly things.

I have to have a plan for things. Sometimes I move mountains and accomplish all of my things, sometimes, I engage my “butt magnets” as my favorite archivist says. This means I have my butt on the sofa all day. But did I have the best planned intentions? Yes. I did.

My weekends plans were.

Friday: Finish laundry, clean up my bedroom, order new linen and comforters for my bed, make my bed, sweep and mop. Sweet baby Jesus, the dust bunnies were HUUUGE. Wood floor and a dusty neglected house. Guess dust bunnies are what you’re gonna get, am I right?


Saturday: Clean out Little’s closet. Put away jewelry on my dresser. Vacuum rugs. Re arrange bedroom. Paint toes.


Sunday: Weekly wardrobe planning, Photograph Forever 21 haul. Wash makeup brushes. Buy coffee for work.

Ehhhhh….. change of plans.

I ended up mowing grass and sleeping the afternoon away.

Insert annoyed staceface here.

I did get to wash my brushes out though, because they were overdue and I didn’t think my face would handle too many more dirty beauty blenders. Just sayin’. They were pretty gross. I also took one photo for the Forever 21 look book. One. I finally just gave up on it and decided to save it for another day. Maybe this weekend I can do a little more with that.

And I never picked up my work coffee.

Again, insert annoyed staceface here.

This Thursday I will be off of all of the Lupus medicines for 2 weeks. I feel good. No pain, no mouth ulcers, still have purple feet but, I’m sleeping, my hair isn’t shedding near as much and I actually made it thru Walmart by myself early Saturday morning. This is monumental. I haven’t not have an anxiety attack or something catastrophic happen in Walmart in months. It felt good. I was so proud of myself. Hopefully the ringing ears and balance stuff will be gone soon, too.

Baby steps, grasshopper.

Yesterday, while I was wardrobe planning, I caught my clothes hanging on the door just out of the corner of my eye, something about the way I turned had it looking kinda spinnish for a second. Let me tell you. I was done. Toast. I had to sit down, calm down and get my head together again. After I calmed down, I was okay. I don’t think it was vertigo again, because it was so split second, and my experiences with that mess consisted of spinning for hours and hours, both episodes ending in violent projectile vomiting. Yes, traumatizing for sure.

Unedited F21 look book photo, happy Angel plant taking over my ceiling, clean brushes, smiling faces and the sweetest smelling flowers ever. ❤️

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Are you guys planners? Do you typically stick to your plans?






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