What feeling better feels like.

Sooooo, today marks a whole week that I got my reverse Lupus diagnosis.  I’ve been off of all of the handful of medicines I’ve been taking for the last 7 years…including hormones….a whole week. Well, I’ve been off of the hormones about 3 weeks.

How do you feel, you ask?

I feel fantabulous.

I feel like a new person, still a little flighty when I’m in Walmart, still having the palps occasionally, and still get a little weird every once in a while. But. Otherwise?

I feel human again.

Alive, and among the living.

And I’m forever grateful for it.

I’m hoping as the hormones settle, the palps will ease off and hopefully I will only keep getting better as the Plaquenil and other junk wears away.

It does feel good to smile again.

How are you guys doing today?

Are you all well and having a wonderful day?







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