Weekly Outfit Planning and a teeny Goodwill haul.

Ahhhh, it’s Sunday again. I’m winding down my weekend and planning for the week ahead. I don’t have anything major on my calendar for this week, other than a Doctor’s appointment on Monday afternoon and normal work stuff. OH, I do have an event in town on Thursday, the Native American Studies Center is having their first annual talent show! Little and I are super stoked about going! Love those guys, they are pretty awesome. I don’t have to be worried about weather this week either, get this, it’s supposed to be in the 70’s all week!! Wooo hooooooo. Spring is here! Finally.

Anyway, I was cycling thru my closet this morning looking for things I haven’t worn recently that still fit and I came up short on the bottoms. I had to go to town anyway and decided to dash in Goodwill to see what I could find. I didn’t hit the mother load, but I did find a few things that fit nicely.

I love Loft, sizing is usually consistent and their clothes last forever. I found a pair of Marissa fit black slacks that look so dressy and sharp. The legs are sort of tapered and the fit is perfect. I chose this mushroom silk blouse to wear with them. It was a .25 cent thrift find from last year. I can imagine this outfit with a pair of black skinny heels, but since I’m still a little wobbly, I’ll probably just wear my black t straps. Since this is a dressier outfit, I’m going to save it for Thursday.

I also found this taupe and yellow polka dot shirt from Banana Republic. I am such a fan of yellow. I love the way it looks with this Loft pleated skirt from years past. I really liked it with this little burgundy blouse too.  The print is small enough to go with the pleats, maybe with a denim coat? I don’t know, I may stick to the taupe one and put a denim coat over it? Not really sure about the shoes with this one. My silver JCrew strap sandals maybe? This will be my Friday outfit.

I was just in the khaki/ taupe mood today. These pants have it all, they are pin striped, my size, wide legged and taupe. I decided to pair them with a open knit sweater, I’ll definitely add a cream tank top underneath and will most likely forgo the belt. I can’t do skinny belts with all of that belt loop real estate, it just doesn’t look right on me. Since I have to go to the Doctor on Monday and her office is always like an icebox, I think I’ll wear it on Monday.

What’s left, Tuesday and Wednesday?

I found a pair of Express Whites today, I was hopeful I would find some sort of white bottom that would fit, and boy do they fit?! Whew, I like a looser less structured top with tighter bottoms, so I thought I’d pair them with this Loft popover sort of blouse. I can see this outfit with my black skinny belt and t straps. Maybe silver hoops and tied back hair? This will be my Tuesday outfit.

Because I can’t get enough of leopard print, I think I’ll brave this Express shirt from last years haul with the white slacks from GW, I think these were from a past thrift haul as well. They are a little big in the waist, I’m hoping the boxiness of the shirt will even it out and make it less noticeable. Again, black skinny belt and t straps. Maybe a denim coat? Maybe not. I can see silver hoops and tied back hair with this one as well.  This will be my Wednesday outfit.

Just for poops and giggles, and to try to figure out my size, I tried on this pair of Loft shorts, and they totally fit. I couldn’t pass up that deal, so they are a part of my haul, as well.


I’m looking forward to a good week. An easy week. Full of laughter and life.






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