Forever 21 Spring 19 Wish List

Do you ever just have so much to say, but don’t quite know how to start? That’s me today.

I guess we’ll start here.

The back story is:

Today is my big day. Philip is taking off work to take me back to the new Rheumatologist. We find out about my labs from 2 weeks ago and we also find out what my care plan will be. Since I sucked at going up on the Plaquenil and I only took half of the Prednisone I was supposed to take, I can’t imagine he’ll even want to deal with me. But, the Prednisone makes my heart beat all kinds of crazy and unsteady. It also wrecks my blood pressure. I started going up on Plaquenil on a Tuesday and by Saturday I couldn’t get out of bed. I figured being able to walk was a good thing, even if I’m unsteady. So, I stopped with the extra dose. This was after they tried to kill me with a Medrol Dosepak. Nooo, noooo, no. And they say Prednisone is the devils tic tacs???

I think not.

Bet your butt, I’m listing that one as an allergy from now on.

Anyway, enough about me being a bad patient, unless my labs are miraculous and show absolutely no signs of inflammation, part of my care plan is the addition of an infusion, injection or weekly dose of  one of three chemo/cancer type drugs. Which honestly scares the life out of me.

Little would say, ” it takes the starch right out of my sails.”

Yes, my baby child. It takes the starch out of mine too.

Along with all of the other unpleasant things like white blood cell loss, liver damage, kidney failure and cancer itself, these types of medicines can also cause hair loss.

Total head or random patches.

Greaaaat. I’m thinking either or would be pretty bad.

That’s where this Forever 21 Spring Wish List comes in.

If there’s a possibility that I’m  going to lose my hair, again…. I’m going to have one of the shortest pixies ever of life, or I’m going to buzz my head. One or the other.

I love super short hair with super feminine clothes. Give me all the flowers, all the flowy pants, all the colors, all the crop tops. All the boho.  All the hair accessories. All the earrings. All that stuff is how I survived super short the last time.

So, with that prospect in mind, along with a huge closet purge because so many of my favorite things no longer fit…I decided to create a wish list on Forever 21. Because, boho, flowy, accessories, color, flowers…and cheap.

These are this things on my Spring Wish List. I purchased quite a few of them, maybe next month I’ll pick up a few more things.

(I did actually purchase the rest of my list. It was BOGO for 1.00$ on sale stuff and most of my stuff was sale stuff. I failed to do that on my first order. )


Whatever comes my way today, I’m going to be grateful. I’ll dress it up and make the best of it and get on with living.




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