Pat McGrath Labs Fetish Eyes Mascara

I was sent this sample of Fetish Eyes by Pat McGrath Labs to try. I wish I knew who to or how to thank whomever sent it, all I have to go by is this little Try It card and it doesn’t say a whole lot, other than “Try It”. For some reason, I believe this was part of an Allure campaign?

Anyway, I’m just letting you know… I didn’t buy this product.

But. I. Will.

I don’t get PR. I used to, when I wrote over at Sunshine’s Beauty. I do miss it. Getting makeup PR when you LOVE makeup is always a nice surprise. I received this bad assed purple shiny package in the mail a few weeks ago and after I figured out that it wasn’t something I had purchased, this girl got all kinds of excited! When I realized it was a Pat McGrath mascara, I really got excited!

I’m sensible when it comes to mascara. I have tried lots of high end ones like , Too Faced BTS, Clarins, I love the Lancôme one, I can’t remember the name, smells like flowers? I have been using the It Cosmetics Super Hero. I also like mascaras by Loreal and Wet N Wild. Clump Crushes was my jam for a minute too. So was Jordana .

I’m just not a picky mascara user.


This one is pretty good.

  1. It’s super black.
  2. It makes my lashes touch my eyebrows.
  3. And it doesn’t transfer while it’s hanging out there!
  4. Bottom lashes are no problem, makes them super long.
  5. The wand is so fluffy!
  6. Smells like flowers? But doesn’t irritate my eyes at all.
  7. Has peptides and other good for your lashes stuff in it.

Just look at the fluffiness!

And it’s 28 smackers at Sephora.

Dannnnng, Sunshine. That’s sorty high, am I right? It is, my friend. It is. And worth every penny.

Have you guys tried Fetish Eyes? What’s your go to mascara? Are you a mascara snob?


Sunshine ❤️


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