Shop Miss A Haulage

Wow, you guys. For someone who wasn’t going to buy any more makeup this year… I sure have been buying a lot of makeup.

It’s a distraction. Makeup. Reading about it. Learning about it. Writing about it. It’s a welcome distraction.

Anyway. I love Shop Miss A. Almost everything is a buck. Seems like I remember there being some things that were a buck fifty five. Like lashes or something?

I have a particular affinity for AOA Studio Brushes. My most loved is the E123. I use it for cleaning up my eyebrows and on those rare occasions that I create a cut crease. I washed it up to photograph for you guys. I know, right? In my haul, I picked up the F19 which is a super fluffy blendy one and I also picked up the F13. For what? I’m not so sure. I guess I was thinking it would make a great highlight/ blush brush. Spoiler alert: There is a shitton of blush in this haul.

Apparently I was on a cheek mission.

I have heard so many good things about the Lumi Radiant Blushes. I really wanted to try them out. Ha. All of them, because who doesn’t love a sheeny blush? AmIRight?

I have Ravish, Frantic Pink, Wine and So Close. These are the softest baked blushes ever of life, pigmented too. I’m so excited to try them. Kinda sad that I only have two cheeks!

I also wanted to try a few matte ones, so from Prisma I thought I’d try some brighter shades. Have you guys figured out I really like blush? I’m like clown status over here. Besides, blush makes me look healthy. Not even gonna lie, these Prisma ones…the packaging is hella cheap however the blush feels phenomenal and it’s definitely pigmented y’all. I have Honey Pink and Peach.

The final blushes I picked out are in compacts as well, though these feel a little more substantial. These are by Malibu Glitz in the shades Amber Star and Coral.

I couldn’t get away without trying a few buck lipsticks, because I couldn’t have purchased enough of those in my last haul. Insert dry sarcasm here.

Anyway, all of these lippies are by the brand Amuse, and let me tell you. I was not amused when I pulled the lid off and the whole confounded bullet fell out of my hand and into my lap. I scooped it up, very carefully and put it back into the lipstick tube. Next, I said a little prayer of thankfulness that it a. didn’t get all over my crotch when it flew out into nothingness and b. that it hardly has any pigment, you really have to make it work. Thankfully.

My runner was  Dusty Rose. The other two are Cup Cake and XOXO. I like them all okay for buck lipsticks.

Last but not least, is the Majesty palette. It was the most expensive, ringing in at 6 dollars. Yes, I know. These little palettes are priced per pan and there are 6 in it.  That yellow gold is pretty. It’ll make a nice eyeshadow. I probably wont be able to get away with it as a highlighter but, a few of the others are definitely fair game. I can’t wait to do a look with them. Maybe that will be a nice weekend project.

What are your favorite Shop Miss A products?








  1. I have actually heard such amazing things from Shop A, I mean I know not everything is amazing or quality, but the fact that everything is only $1 is crazy! I’ve been dying to try out their brushes, because I’ve only heard great things about them! Those blushes also look beautiful (but since I’m not buying anymore makeup and trying to stick to it, I’ll hold off on buying those), but I’m definitely going to check out the brushes you mentioned! Great post xxx

    Melina |

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