When will it ever stop raining haul.

Sunshine. That’s my name because I love it and because it’s usually my disposition. I’m Sunshiney. Up beat. Happy. Beaming. Ect. You get what I’m saying. It has rained in South Carolina for the last 10 days straight and I am ready for some sunshine. I’m all achy breaky and to be completely transparent, I’m grumpy. On top of all that, I’m in the worst flare ever of life and I’m eating prednisone like tic tacs trying to feel better. Not even normal at this point, I just want to feel better.

Did I mention I’m feeling grumpy?

Anyway, this is a collective when will it ever stop raining haul.

There were a few Loreal things I wanted to try and couldn’t find anywhere, so from their website I purchased the Voluminous Original Mascara in the shade Burgandy and also the Shake and Glow Dew Mist.

I love this mascara, it makes my lashes full and separated, and I even notice a little more length than normal. I have been pairing it with redder or more pinky toned eye looks, and with those it adds a certain something that’s quite hard to put your finger on.

The Shake and Glow is amazing. I set my makeup with it. I haven’t tried it as a pre sort of thing. I feel like it would almost be too much, I go ham with moisturizer and glow drops and all kinds of other things before I actually apply my makeup. Soooo, I just set with it. I like that it actually noticeably extends the wear of my makeup and isn’t greasy.

Oh, I did finally see the display in Walgreens for the new Infalliable 24 Hour Fresh Wear Foundation, so I picked that up as well. I chose the Infalliable 24 hour foundation not because I thought I would wear it for 24 hours but because it claims to be breathable and full coverage. And it is. I have tried it with both a beauty sponge and with flat top kabuki brush and the brush wins hands down. It does wear very well, doesn’t get extremely greasy on me and lasts along with the setting spray, the majority of my 11 hour or so day. * As long as I keep my hands away from my face and don’t blow my nose 50 million times. Those are contributing factors.

Anyway, I chose the shade 410, Ivory. I probably could have gone a little darker, but with bronzer and everything else on my face it works out pretty well.

I also picked up a few Wet n Wild products while I was out and about. I am still looking for the new stick foundation, I may just order it from their website, because it’s cold and rainy and my butt magnets have fully engaged in my couch. Anyway, I picked up the Photofocus 3 In One Primer Water in the Rose scent.

In my previous post, I mentioned that I don’t like to spray stuff on my face prior to makeup application because I slather on all kinds of other stuff that I love. But, as a setting spray and over all rose scent. It’s freaking awesome. I think I’d like to try the other scents as well. Raw Beauty Kristi inspired these next two purchases.

I just love her. And sparkley eye lids. They are the Liquid Catsuit Liquid Eyeshadows in Goldie Lux and Cashmere Love. Cashmere Love is pretty stinking close to my favorite Stila glitter eyeshadow in Smokey Storm. I haven’t worn them yet. They swatch beautifully. Look at the sparkle!

While I was waiting for my prescriptions to be filled, I rummaged through the clearance bins at Rite Aid as one does and found these two little Physician Formula guys just needing to come home with me. I have been wearing them both non stop. The first is the Bronze Booster pearl things in the shade Light/ Medium. This is a very real looking bronzer on my skin.

It makes my skin look sun kissed and healthy- which is the opposite of what is really going on under all that makeup. Fake it until you make it, right sister?

I also found this Organic Wear lip treatment. They had it marked down to 2 dollars, thr bronzer was 1.74$. Yes, please. It reminds me of the Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Balm, but without the hefty price and rose scent. I use it before bed and while I’m putting on my makeup. Sometimes, I reach for this instead of lipstick. It feels that good on my lips. That works of pretty great considering everything about my being and soul is dry right now.

Thanks auto immune disease.


From Walgreens, I picked up the Matte Bar by Maybelline and another City Mini Palette in SkyScrape Dusk. I dropped the other one on ceramic floor and pulverized it. (The palette, not the floor.) I haven’t tried the Matte Bar Palette, maybe if tomorrow is a makeup kind of day, I’ll give it a whirl. I love the SkyScrape Dusk palette. It’s one of those things that you look at and go.. “That’s a me palette.” It just suits me and my kind of eye looks. It’s blendable and buildable and wears well on long days.

While I was in Walgreens, totally perusing makeup because I don’t play with their pharmacy anymore…I also noticed a new Jordana lip stuff display. What? Pigment Shine you say? I’m all in . I actually purchased two lip glosses, but somehow only one made its way into my bag. I LOVE shiny lips.

I cannot do liquid lipstick without some sort of gloss or moisture. It’s just not my bag. I’m wearing the one that made it home with me today. It’s in the shade So Berry Special and damn is it pretty. There were other shades, I think I’d like to try more.

A nude would be nice, or a bright orangy red.

That’s my it’s rained for 10 straight days collective grumpy haul. I’m pretty stoked about everything I purchased. And yes, I remember specifically saying I didn’t want to buy any more makeup….However. It’s been raining like mad and I have been sick. Again. So I treated myself to buy something other than medicine and medical care.

I hope the sun is shining where ever you are.



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