Weekly Outfit Planning III, catch up and a teeny thrift haul.

It’s been a minute. I know, I know. Sunshine, how do you expect your blog to thrive if you’re not consistent. No wonder you have no views and your readership has declined. Well. I get it. I honestly do. But, life happens and here I am 3 weeks later.

I have a lot to update you guys on. We’ll start with the tests and all of the -ologists.

I think the last time I posted, I was planning for an eye appointment. I had already been to the exam and picked out my glasses, which still haven’t arrived and they had me scheduled for more testing to rule out Plaquenil Toxicity. I did have that test done and all is well. I also had an appointment with the ENT about the Vertigo/Balance thing. I went to the appointment thinking this whole time that I had inner ear issues and turns out I don’t. I know, right? ENT ordered an MRI and told me if he was to treat me, he would suggest seeing a Cardiologist. I had another appointment with my PCP after the ENT fiasco and she determined that maybe this is a Neurology issue. And after the MRI, and neurologist…..maybe I needed to see a Rheumatologist. Yes, this is getting expensive and your girl here is getting tired. So. Very. Tired. She also did lab which was great, except for my hormones. Ugh. Insert major sigh here. I’m assuming that this is part of the anxiety issue. And the hot flashes. And the grumpies? I went for the MRI. Made myself physically sick with fear. But, I survived. I got a call on Friday about those results and they are all good. No strokes, no lesions, no tumours and the inner ear is totally normal. Thank Goodness.

So now we’re up to Friday. Friday, I went to the Cardiologist. He did EKG, which was perfect. Ordered an ECHO and a tilt table test, which I agreed to initially. I have since cancelled the TTT and decided to stick with the ECHO. He says there is a faint click, which he believes could be Mitral Valve related. He also suggested hormones, but my PCP says uh uh. I don’t think so. She wants to fix this problem before we deal with the hormone problem. I don’t know. I just want to feel better.

I haven’t had true vertigo since December, however, I do feel very unsteady on my feet. I feel shaky and anxiety ridden and so mother sticking tired. All of the time.

And that’s where we are with all that.

Little is finally finished up with basketball for the year. I’m so proud of him. I’m pretty certain the experience was totally worth it for him.

So on to my schedule and the clothes.

My calendar is clear for the week. I don’t have any meetings scheduled for work this week, no doctor’s appointments, hopefully. Valentine’s day is Thursday. Phil and I don’t really have any plans. The only thing I may have to allow for is picking up my glasses. Did I tell you guys how absolutely cool they are?? Whew, I can’t wait to get them.

Phil got me a gift card to Good Will as part of my birthday gift a few weeks ago, and I put it to good use today. He also got me a weighted blanket, which I have been absolutely loving. I do think it helps with sleep quality and anxiety. Anyway, I went to Goodwill this morning and had a blast. I’m trying to incorporate as many of my new to me things this week. How do you guys thrift shop, do you just pick out random things? Do you always have a plan? Do you buy pieces in outfits? I tend to shop in GW for outfits, though sometimes I have a specific plan. Like a black pop over or a crisp white button up. Today, I was really just winging it. Imagine that? Me, with no plan. This is what I got.

Oh. The other floral print from above is a skirt, the two are mighty similar. I love those long flowy skirts/dresses. And the Mudd Maxi dress had a teeny whole on the bottom. I mended it as best I could. It looked like a tear, frayed edges and all. I’ll still wear it though. Maybe with the denim coat from today’s haul.

Anyway, Mondays are always hectic at work so I want to be super comfy. I’m going to rock these Forever 21 floral wide legs and a black tank top. Probably topped with the Tommy Bahama blazer ish thing. I love the detail in the back and the total lack of hardware. I think I’ll load up my arm in bangles and wear my black Ugg pom slippers and call it a day.

Tuesday, I’m thinking will probably be a dress day. Maybe I’ll bring my own sunshine this day and wear the Dearcase dress in Sunflower. I love these dresses. I have one in green, pink, purple, black and of course…Sunflower. I’d really like leopard accessories and shoes with this one, and maybe my new to me denim coat to layer over it- because you know…my office is an icebox.

Wednesday, I think I’ll layer this burghangy Charlotte Russe sweater with a denim jacket and wear it with the white and navy Zara skirt from today’s trip. Maybe my ankle boots? Ugh. I just purchased a crap ton a shoes from Zulily that haven’t arrived yet. Gotta have flats and I don’t have many flats, or winter appropriate ones anyway.

Thursday is the day of forced love. So, I want to wear this red old navy blouse with my white slacks from the last GW trip. They fit like a glove and are much dressier than my white jeans. I’ll leave the belt off and then I can wear the nude pom Uggs and it will still look good.


And finally Friday, I think it’ll definitely be jeans. Maybe these Levis and the Loft salmon popover, also from today’s trip. I never get tired of this material. The popover is my favorite style of blouse. I love to wear them with braletts and comfy jeans.

And that will wrap up another week.

What have you guys been up to? Are you wardrobe planning? Do you find it makes your mornings better? I’ve even been doing this for Little as well. It is a HUGE time saver for us both!



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