My Skin Care Routine.

I have always been a skin care junkie, but I haven’t always had a skin care routine. I know right, it happens. I’d try this and that and then something else and I never really saw any improvement in my skin. It wasn’t until I consistently started using the same stuff that I started noticing an improvement.

So, here’s a no brainer that I didn’t know until a few years ago. Oily skin needs hydration. Hmm. Que? My oily, grease ball forehead that I could fry French fries on needs more hydration? Whoda thunk it? But it did. My oily skin was starving for hydration.

My skin type: I have combo/ dry skin, typically I have an oily t zone and dry perimeter.

“You should feel fortunate that you’re so oily you’ll never have wrinkles on your forehead!”

My Momma, after hearing me complain about my skin.
All photos taken from Aveeno’s website.

On a whim, I decided to try this little guy. This is my third bottle. It’s THAT good! I use one pump all over my face every morning and night.  It plays well with my makeup and doesn’t make my face greasy or oily- er, oilier? It also helps that it’s non comedogenic and has SPF.

(Did I mention it’s all totally drug store????)

The second step in my skin care routine is the Max Glow Infusion Drops. Sometimes I mix the drops into the lotion, to combine steps. That works, too.

After the Max Glow Infusion Drops comes the real life bringer. The packaging stinks, I have to twist the top off and put my finger over the whole to mix the product. If you shake it with the top on, it runs out all over the side of the bottle, which is a real pain in the ass, because then you have the product all over your hands and that top ain’t twisting anywhere!  Crap packaging aside, this is my favorite step in my skincare routine.

I also tried the Aveeno Brightening Cleanser and the Absolutely Ageless Eye Cream. The verdict is still out on both. I like the eye cream, but I haven’t noticed any real benefit. Same with the Brightening Cleanser. I just don’t really see a difference.

My skin feels more hydrated and plump and less oily and greasy. Could just be my imagination, but I have been getting a few compliments recently…and I haven’t had Botox in almost a year, so that’s definitely not what it is.

I’m also playing around with some Juice Beauty products at night. I’ve just started using them so I’ll report on that stuff a little later.

Anyway, have you guys ever tried these products? What did you think? ❤️



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