Weekly Outfit Planning II

I enjoyed writing this post last week, so I thought I would give it another go. This week looks like this.

No school on Monday, but I stil have to work.

Tuesday is back to the eye doc for more tests. My exam went well last week. My eye doc is super cool, he explained everything and eased my mind about the Plaquenil. He did find a little spot in my right eye that he says is probably nothing, but just to be sure he wants to do a field test. I can not wait to show you guys my new specs. They are so pretty. They even have sparkles on them! AND THEY’RE RED!!! And bifocals. As I celebrate my 40something birthday on Saturday. Bifocals. Imagine that!?

Wednesday is clear, only practice.

Thursday, we have a game.

Friday, practice.

My work calender is clear for the week as well.

Tomorrow is Monday, I’m thinking about wearing jeans and boots to the office because 20 degrees in the morning is going to suck to dress clothes of any kind.

I’ve never worn these JCrew Toothpicks, so I think I’ll pair them with this blush blouse that was on the dollar rack at Goodwill. I’m not really a fan of the hemline, but. It’ll be okay. It should lay pretty flat against the skinnies. Look at that sleeve, isn’t it beautiful??

I’ll probably just wear my fuzzy boots, I have a dressier pair of booties that would look perfect, but again with the heel.

For Tuesday’s eye appointment, I want to be comfortable. I picked up this beautiful plum colored New York and Co dress at GW a few weeks ago, I think it would go good with my boots from Monday and a denim jacket.

It’s lined all the way to the floor, so I should be okay as far as warmth.

Wednesday is just another day, but I think I’ll spice it up by wearing this little dalmation print city shirt and a button up black a line. I think maybe black opaque tights and and maybe layer it with the grey sweater from last week that didn’t match the Express skirt. I juust hate to cover up the print because it is so stinking cute. We’ll see how that goes.

Thursday my boys play at home, so a little red is in order. I like this little onsie/jumper  thing. The print is absolutely beautiful. I’m struggling with shoes for this one. I could always wear nude pantyhose for warmth, but I just don’t know what kind of shoes to put with it, especially since it’s cropped. Boots? Pink mules would be amazing. But, I’m fresh out. I have some beautiful blue suede wedges, but they make my feet hurt and they’re heels. I guess I could wear white tennis shoes and put a denim jacket over it? I might scratch this one and just opt for my Mustang Pride t shirt and skinny jeans.

I’m so in love with this blouse. I’ve never worn it. The velvet and the color makes me so happy. Seems like a good Friday color. I think it looks nice with these grey slacks from Loft.

And that’s it. An outfit a day maybe minus the jumper/ onesie depending on shoes.

Now all that’s left is to steam and pick out jewelry. ❤️

Have you guys tried weekly outfit planning? How do you organize your clothes for the week? Do you have shoe suggestions for the jumper? What kind of shoes would you wear it with?




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