Weekly Outfit Planning.

Most of the time I get up around 4 am. Sometimes I sleep until 6. Lately, I’ve been sleeping until 6. Either way, it helps to have clothes/ outfits already planned out to wear. Otherwise, I am that girl standing in front of her closet for half hour trying to find something to wear.

I use my planner/ calendars to figure out my schedule for the week. My work calendar was pretty much clear of anything that would affect the way I dress, such as company, meetings, ect. so I left that part out. Here is a look at my personal planner.

This week, Little has games on Monday and Thursday, a dental appointment on Wednesday and regular practice on Tuesday and Friday. I finally found an eye doc that could see me for my exam and scan before Valentine’s day and that appointment is on Thursday.

Once a mustang, forever a mustang…so on game days, I wear red to support Little and his team.

Thursday, I want to be totally comfortable for my tests, I’ll need to plan for that.

Otherwise, it’s business as usual.

It’s been like Seattle in South Carolina for the last month or so, I don’t even worry about allowing for the weather. I just plan on rainy and cold, and choose tights or hose with skirts and dresses and I try to layer the top so I won’t freeze in the icebox that I call my office.

Recently I went to my local Goodwill with a forty dollar budget to find some bottoms. I have plenty of jeans and leggings, which I could live in…however I am at work more than I am at home, so I needed trousers /slacks and skirts. I hit the jackpot with money to spare for a few blouses and sweaters and I’d really like to incorporate some of these pieces into my work week wardrobe.

This is what I got.

I think the red blazer will be good for Monday. It is the most delicious red, and still had the tags attached. Not bad for 4.99$! I’ll pair it with the black sweater I shrunk and striped wide legs to even it out on the bottom. I might have to scrounge in my belts to find a black skinny with silver hardware, but I think I have one in there. The gym is unusually cool, so the blazer will keep me nice and comfy and I’ll be beaming with my Mustang pride.

Tuesday will be a normal day, I’m thinking about this little Express skirt, with tights and the grey vest from above. They were both GW finds, the skirt still had the price tag attached. I’d like to layer it with the burgundy city shirt from my summer Express haul. It may not be structured enough to wear that way, but I’m going to try it. If that doesn’t work out, I may just see if I can find a grey sweater to wear with it. Or, I may try to layer the city shirt with the sweater. We’ll try it both ways. I’ll probably wear my black loaferish flats and burghandy tights with this one.

I tried to layer the vest with the city shirt, but it has pockets which ruin the look. I also tried to layer the city shirt with a grey sweater, but the sweater was a little too grey and didn’t match. Soo, I decided to wear just the city shirt, unless I go back to town tomorrow to see if I can find a white or black one. The sofa is feeling amazing right now, so I will probably just wear the city shirt without a layer. Or, I might scrap the outfit all together. I’ll update.

I’ll be in the car a good bit on Wednesday travelling with Little to the dentist. This will probably be my jeans day. I won’t have to worry over warmth or wrinkles. This Loft city shirt was on the .50$ rack at GW, I LOVE those kinds of deals!! I’m going to pair it with a pair of white straight leg jeans, a brown skinny belt and my brown tassled flats.

Thursday I will need to be comfortable all day because of this eye thing. I also need to wear red for the game. I purchased this JCrew sweater for myself for Christmas and while the monogrammed bit left me underwhelmed, I still love the feel and color of it. I think I’ll wear it with a pair of polky dotted wide legs and the same black loaferish flats from Tuesday. I don’t have a solid black pop over/ button down type of blouse. I’ll allocate for another GW trip and those will be my two mission pieces. A structured black popover and a white one as well. In the meanwhile, I may switch up the black polky dot wide legs for a pair solid ones and just wear a black cami underneath the sweater for warmth. I’ll try it both ways.

It’s so TEENY. ☹️

Fridays are half days at the office, I normally use the time in between end of work and Little’s practice for running errands. Normally. Yesterday I went to the grocery store and came home and crashed on the sofa until early afternoon. It was a nice feeling. Not napping. Just being warm and cozy in the sunshine from the windows. I think I’ll just wear black high waisted skinny jeans and a fuzzy sweater. Maybe these skinnies and this leopard chunky sweater?

Now all I need to do is iron/ steam all of my choices and pick out jewelry. The steaming/ ironing takes a minute because I’m especially meticulous about it. I don’t mind this part at all, I find it to be rather therapeutic.

Do you guys do this? Do you outfit plan or do you wing it? Do you enjoy the process? Do you find it helpful or timesaving?





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