My Favorite Perfume

I love things that smell nice. I love Kirkland’s. And smelly bath tub stuff. Flowers. Candles. Spices. Food. Men. I’m not discriminatory. I will even ask a random woman what kind of perfume she’s wearing, if it smells pretty. I’m that girl.

My absolute favorite perfume of this moment is Valentina by Valentino.

I recieved it as a sample in a skin care haul from Nordstrom. After wearing it a day or so, I knew it needed to be in my collection. I don’t know the notes, to me it’s clean and fresh. Maybe a little powdery or soapy? Definitely pretty and feminine.

Okay. I looked it up. Basenotes says they are: Bergamont, White truffle, White flowers, Strawberry, Cedar, Amber and Vanilla.  I wouldn’t have guessed that.

Like Prada Candy, also a favorite.  (I’m still waiting Scentbird, just sayin’.)

While Valentina and Candy are both powdery and clean, another favorite Mon Guerlain is warm and spicy.

If I was a drinker, it would remind me of whiskey. It’s sexy. Classic, yet modern and chic. Definitely a grown up sort of scent. Like pearls and leather or strappy sandals and a tailored suit.

While the above perfumes are subtle and kind and sort of soothing, my next favorite has been likened to driving with a loose fan belt. (Angela from Now Smell This.)  Guess that means it’s pretty loud? Yes. It is loud and proud. It’s perfumey. Like when you walk into Dillards and all of the perfume just sort of hits ya like a bus?

That’s Madmoiselle. And I freaking love it. It also raked in a cool 21 million dollars it’s first year. ( Also, Angela from Now Smell This.) I must not be the only one who freaking loves it. It’s like a bright red blouse or coat. It commands attention. Strong. Dominating. Not flirty and hinting, uh uh. No way. Madmoiselle is kicking ass and taking names, must be the vetiver.

I have no idea how to pronounce this favorite. It’s Goldea, The Roman Night by Bvlgari. I mean how the hay do you say that? vulgari? ulgari? bulgari? I don’t know. This one may be my moody perfume. It’s dark. Musky. Maybe even woody and masculine. It’s another bad ass perfume. Definitely the vetiver.

I usually don’t wear the same perfume two days in a row. I choose my perfume in the morning, much like one would choose outfits or shoes.

Today I’m wearing Valentina.

What are your favorite perfumes. How to you choose what you wear? Samples? Or from the cards in magazines? Do you ask what a scent is? What are you wearing today?



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