Stuff I’m Loving: Morphe, LA Colors, Caress and More

Y’all know there’s some Dollar General makeup in here, right? Yes! You know it! I have been loving these little cubes by LA Colors. I know they offer two shades, like a browny nude and a berry. I went back to see if there was a red or anything else and cound’t find the display to save me. I have to use a liner with them because without a bullet or a paddle to apply them with, I tend to get out of the lines quickly. They are pigmented, super opaque and smell like cake. Oh, and they’re only 2.00$. Yes, 2.00$ You’ll thank me later.

LA Colors Glow Now Skin Illuminator is pretty awesome too. One dollar. Look at that highlight!

It stays where you put it so you have to

work quickly! But look! Whew. Blinded.


I’ve also been loving the Morphe 35M, Boss Mood palette. I have been a Morphe fan for many years, though I’m not always a fan of the faces they chose to represent them. This palette has so many me sort of shades. Yesterday I played around with the purples and pinks, the day before I played with browns and mustards and today I think I’m going all out green. It’s an inspiring palette, one that makes you look forward to doing your makeup at 5am. That says a lot.

Back to lips, I’ve also rediscovered the Milani Keep It Sweet Sugar Lip Scrub.  I’ve been using this little scrub in the morning before I apply my lip balm, speaking of balm, that little BKR Paris Water Balm from last month’s Allure box is giving me life. It’s made it’s way onto my vanity. That’s impressive. Anyway, I exfoliate with the sugar scrub first and then apply the water balm and the rest of my makeup. Loving both of those guys.

My next 3 favorites are things that smell nice. Ha, I know. You knew there would be dollar store makeup and things that smell good. Predictable is my middle name. 

I have been wishing Caress would come out with perfume for years. You know I love the Caress body wash the best, especially Sheer Twilight. It’s my absolute favorite. I’m kind of crazy about both of the foam scents too. I’m using White Orchid and Coconut Milk now, I purchased it in a gift set that had… You guys…. Guess what it had in it? BODY SPRAY!! Caress is making body spray now?! I love it. I have the Pink Peony one. This is the little kit thing. It also came with a mini Daily Silk, which I also love. So, Caress, if your reading this, please make Sheer Twilight into a body spray! Pretty please? Anyway, I’m loving this little set/kit thing.

I am also crazy about the perfume called NOT A PERFUME by Juliette Has a Gun. It’s pure Cetalox and smells so good and clean.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Amethyst gets mixed reviews in my house. I love it, Little and the Mister..ehhh. not so much. I wear it solo, or mixed with Nirvana Black. I also mix it with Nirvana French Grey. I like it solo best. Little says when I wear it I remind him of an old pipe smoking man…which is kinda funny, because one of the main notes is tobacco. Philip just likes NOT A PERFUME better.

And lastly, I have been loving “mynameiskanakomurata” and “mynameiskana” on Instagram. Oh MY gosh at the talent she has. I’m not sure how to link to to her Instagram, but if you are a nail polish person or just appreciate beautiful Instagram layouts, please check her out. Her posts inspire me to be creative. I’m loving that!

Anyway, what have you guys been loving this month? Have you tried any of my favorite things? What did you think?



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