Sweet November

November is one of my favorite months. The weather has chilled out some, the leaves are shades of brilliant oranges and reds. I can run my little electric fireplace and wear snuggly sweaters. And then there’s Thanksgiving. Yum.

November hasn’t always been a good month for me, when I was in a different place in my head, I very much despised this time of year.

I couldn’t find happiness, especially not in a season where everything died.

I look at the falling leaves and brownness of Fall now as a sort of rebirth and definitely part of the master plan. Amazing what a change of perspective can do. ❤️

I didn’t do so well with my October goals.

I went on an Express shopping spree. Yes, You’ll be seeing more of this soon. I need ALL the leopard print things and stuffs. There was an Sephora order in there, an Ulta one, well part of that was a Christmas gift. The other part was the Boss Babe palette from Morphe.

I don’t know, maybe I didn’t do too bad on those parts. I was present too. Little and I have had many conversations about this. And I definitely surround myself with happy people as long as I stay home. It happens.

On the health front, October SUCKED. I wanted to increase my miles, stay away from sick people and try to keep the headaches to a minimum by whatever combination of magic, control and hope I could conjure up. Hmm. I’ve had nothing but headaches, I haven’t been able to walk yet, I’m still wobbly from what ever happened to me few weeks ago, and I have been surrounded by sick people, imagine that?

Amazing how that happens.

Insert really perplexed face here.

Okay, you’re right. It’s not really so amazing, and I know exactly how it happens. It happens because I refuse to live like I’m “sick”. I live like a normal person, pushing her limits to the max and then paying for it with hospital visits and doctors offices.

Anyway, hopefully the good doc can get me sorted out again, and all will be well.

My November goals, shared with you for accountabilities sake:

  1. Try to eat at home as much as possible. Yes, the 40k dollar cheeseburger is still looming front and center in my mind.
  2. Be mindful of what I’m feeling.
  3. Don’t sway from my intuition.
  4. Pay. It. Off.
  5. Enjoy Fall break.
  6. Travel South before November’s end.
  7. Be Creative.

What are your November goals? Are you a Fall person?



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