Twiggy Inspired.

I love 60’s fashion and makeup. It’s often said by people who know me that I was born out of my time. Today, I decided to do an eye look inspired by Twiggy’s iconic look.

From Pinterest.

Here’s how I got the look.

I followed the arch of my eye with a teeny bit of black eyeshadow from the Morphe 12P and blended it above my crease, slightly. I went back in with concealer and cleaned it up, like I was getting ready to make a cut crease look. I’d forgotten about this little guy. It’s pretty awesome, all matte, pigmented and bright af! Then, I went over the black with the blue green shade and kept it above the crease. I still blended it up, and kept it away from the blank part of my lid. I patted some of the white from the palette on my brow bone and on the blank part. I used the blue again along my lower lash line and lined my eyes with my trusty NYX pencil in Milk.

Now for the fun part.

I used Eyeko Waterproof Liquid Liner in Carbon Black to do a wing and drew baby lashes on my lower lash line. I added 2 very heavy coats of Superhero mascara to my lashes and kind of bunched them together. My lower lash line looked so full!

Dang, what big eyes you have!

I enjoyed this look so much.

What inspires you? Are you also born out of your time?



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