Divine Intervention

I had my list of things to do on Friday. I wanted to mow the lawn, which I did. I wanted to go eat hotdogs with Philip. And I did. Saturday I wanted to write, did that too. I tried new makeup, went to the grocery store, did an exceptional amount of laundry, especially  for only two people, and that my friends is where my list of things to do went to hell. Philip and his friends wanted to go out to eat on Saturday. I wasn’t so crazy about going, I was tired from my normal Saturday shenanigans… but instead of listening to my own intuition, I caved.

It’s like the Universe just stops you in your tracks and says” Hey, you. Yes, YOU. Slow down a minute. I’ve been trying to tell you and you won’t listen, so I decided to show you, and we’ll call it Divine Intervention.”

Anyway, one ambulance ride, 6 hours in the Emergency Department, 1 brain scan, an IV..with a weak battery, 1 chest xray, and a whole missed day of work later… I do feel better. Normal, no. Better, yes.  They tell me it’s another piece of my Lupus diagnosis, with some vertigo thrown in just because apparently I am hard headed and the Universe means serious business.

It was a long few days.

I am feeling better today. I’m back at work. Still not convinced that I didn’t buy a 40k dollar cheeseburger on Saturday night….. but. I’m okay and for that I should be thankful.

*Side note. You can bet your butt the next time I don’t feel like doing something. I’m not going to do it. And I don’t care who gets mad. Ain’t happening.

Anyway, on Saturday I tried the Fenty Beauty sample that was in my super cool bag of foundation samples from Sephora. I really didn’t like it. I couldn’t make it look good on my skin. I even wiped it all away and reapplied it, and I wiped all of that off before we all went out. I feel some kind of way about posting it, because I really didn’t have anything nice to say about it. It could have been a dehydration issue, because 3 bags later…… I don’t know. I can’t retry it because I threw the remainder of the samples and the primer in the trash. I really didn’t have much left after I reapplied it the second time anyway. I’ll just leave that one by the way side and I’ll pick back up with those posts maybe tomorrow.

I received my first Playbox, by Sephora too. I think I want to work on that post for tomorrow.


What did I take away from this whole experience?

  1. If you don’t physically feel like doing something, don’t do it.
  2. Lupus sucks.
  3. That was an expensive burger.
  4. Listen to those little nods from the Universe. They require your undivided attention.
  5. Any waitress or food server that pays more attention to your significant other than you feel comfortable with is probably mishandling your food.  Just sayin.





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