Urban Decay Elements Palette (Again)

This is the second time you guys are seeing this palette. I know, right? What the hay, Sunshine? We know already, you’re not crazy about this palette that you can’t create a super awesome look with because you get brain freeze every time you look at it. We get it.

*If you’re unfamiliar, check out this post Product Regrets 💸💸💸

I know. I know.

I just can’t give up though. I paid a lot of money for this little booger and I want to wear it! Or at least try to create a look with it. Last night Philip and I went out, and I created my eyeshadow look with The Emily Edit, The Wants Palette and it was super cute. So, I decided to try the same sort of thing with the Elements palette.

And it’s okay.

At least something is on my face and wearable.

I’ll tell ya how I got it.

I put Antidote in my crease and blew it out. Then I placed Elemental just below that and on the outer half of my lid.

Then, I went into Fire Starter and carefully put it in my crease.

Like directly and purposefully in my crease, because if you go into this shadow with a fluffy brush you’re going to have Fire Starter EVERYWHERE. This comes from a place of experience. Anyway, I also put a little of it on the outer bits of my lid and blended it all together. I sprayed a flat shader with setting spray and dipped into Volcanic I kinda drug patted it on the inner half of my lid. For my lower lash line, I used the greens. First Earthbound on the outer half and Secret Keeper on the inner. I lined my eyes with NYX Milk and used the Super Hero mascara from It.

I don’t hate it. It’s not as flattering as last night’s look. But, It’s okay. The shadows are typical Urban Decay, the mattes are nice, the shimmer or foiled or whatever they called them are nice. You have to sweep dag them across your eye, or else nada. It’s just meh.

Last night. ❤️👩🏻🧔🏻

I still stand firm in my opinion that this one just isn’t for me, however… I feel super accomplished because IT’S ON MY FACE.


It’s in my blood.

Oh, yea. That super cool lippie is Ziggy, from Colour Pop. I wore it matte for a minute then wiped it away and applied it over lip balm to get a less raisiny appearance. Love the shade, wish it wasn’t so dry.



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