Dior Backstage Face and Body Foundation Sample.

This was another sample from my super duper Sephora bag. You guys, I’m loving this.

Greatest sample bag ever.

Okay, on to the Dior.

First of all, can we talk about the size this thing? I can easily get foundation all over my face, and I’m pretty sure I have enough for tomorrow too. It’s a runny foundation, very thin. Looks like a satin or demi matte finish, but not matte enough to be cakey or gross on my skin. It feels like one of those powder velvet mattes. You know what I’m talking about? It’s a good feeling. Soft. But not drying.

I used the shade 2 N, and that seems to be a good match for me. It hasn’t oxidized at all. Oh, this is another biggie. I only lightly powdered the center of my face. Lightly. I didn’t have to powder the rest of my face, it wasn’t tacky or sticky and my other powder products blended perfectly on top of it.

I didn’t touch up my makeup through out the day, other than my lipstick. I applied it right around 5 am and the last photo was taken around 6:00pm when I finally got home from work. I think it looks good for all day, and a nap in the car pool line.

I am so stinking tired. Gah. I just don’t have time to be so tired.

Anyway, I think it held up good. My skin still looks good, a little glowy, not greasy and it still feels good on my face. I’m not making a mad dash for the shower to wash it off. That happens occasionally.

I would definitely purchase this one. On my ranking scale from best to mediocre to in the middle to not so good, to just plain bad- this one would be a best.

❤️ 2 foundations down, 4 to go.



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