PUR Midnight Mascarade

You guys know I’m a lister. I make lists. I plan. It’s my nature. When I wake up I generally have a good idea of how I want my day to go. Like this morning, Phil and I had 3 mile date at the track and then I was going to come home, shower, re arrange my closet, write, play in makeup, write some more and have my car cleaned because it is disgusting. I instead ended up at the grocery store with a hungry Little, which is never good. He wanted crock pot mac and cheese and banana pudding. I wanted something green and fried turkey sausage. Hmm. So far, I’ve made banana pudding. Played with makeup and gotten sleepy.

On to the makeup.

I really enjoyed working with this little palette. The only bummer is that you’re pretty much limited to Sneak Peak, which is a rich matte brown, for the crease. I started my eye look just that way, and then blended a little of the darkest blush shade, Reveal into the crease and slightly above. Then I spritzed my flat shader brush with setting spray and packed Mask Off onto my lid. I followed the same steps on the lower lash line, keeping Mask off close to my lash line.

For the inner corner, I used Twilight. I lined my eyes with the normal nude liner, added mascara and that was it. I quite like the way the look turned out. The shadows are soft and creamy and they blend out with little effort. This really was the winner of the October Boxy Charm, which was otherwise meh.

Crockpot Mac and cheese, butterbeans and smoked turkey sausage followed by too much banana pudding has me in hibernate mode. However, my closets still need to be worked over and my car is still a hot mess. Sooooo, checking things off of my list…I guess I’m off to show the car wash this super cool makeup.


Happy Sunday.


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