Masking: SooAe Mud Duo Mask, Detox and Revitalize

I played with a lot of makeup today and ate copious amounts of chocolate and macaroni and now my skin is paying for it. I feel like I need to detox my face, ha my body too after eating all of that candy…anyway.

Face first.

I only used the Detoxify and Revitalize part of this duo and it rocked my baby socks off.

When I opened the mask and squished it out my very first thought was, ” Hmm, there’s not enough!” HOWEVER. This stuff grows and grows! And it tingles, on the burney scale it’s probably a 2 outta 5. It’s not bad, but noticable. It has no discernable fragrance, which even I enjoy sometimes.

Look at those bubbles!!!!!! 😍

There really aren’t any negatives to this one, it’s a fun way to detox your skin.

After I washed it all off, my skin felt clean, not tight or dry. Definitely not like I had just used a mud/ charcoal mask. I don’t know that it did a whole lot for pores, ect. I feel like with all of that bubble action it had to have helped something. I slapped on my moisturizer and went to bed, this morning my skin looks normal. I don’t have any new magic on my face, that’s always a plus.

I would definitely use this one again.



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