Full Face LA Colors, dollar store makeup.

(Almost a full face, I’ll explain)

Ahhhh, finally some Fall-ish weather. And boy does it have me feeling some kind of way. I woke up this morning at 430, had coffee by the electric fireplace and drug my sweetheart around the track for 3 miles. Whew. Life is good. Fall life is even better.

I love shopping in Dollar General or even Family Dollar for makeup, I think I’ve mentioned this before, but sometimes you can find some really good stuff in dollar type stores. I’ve been tossing the idea of a full face of dollar store makeup around for a minute, but for some reason or another, I’d end up doing something else. I’m glad I decided to wait because now that it’s almost Halloween, the stores have holiday displays out and that always brings out some makeup winners.

Some of these products were recently purchased, others were from my travels to the lower part of the state last year. Let’s get into the look.

Oh. This really cute wrap is from the DG too. It was 6 dollars. Soo soft and comfy. ❤️

For my base, I used the LA Colors Radiant skin nourishing long wear foundation in the shade Light Tan. This shade is a tad bit off, since my summer days of pool and river have waned. I thought I purchased two shades to mix, but alas.. I can’t find the other one. I have an LA Girl one, maybe I was confusing the two. Anyway, I went with it. It’s fairly yellow in tone, but definitely has a radiant finish. I powdered down the center of my face with the LA Colors pressed powder in the shade Fair. I didn’t really notice it in the mirror but when I was looking at the photographs I took this morning, my first thought was that th powder really sucked all of the moisture out of my skin.

Just. Like. That.

I contoured with the Highlight and Contour 2 pan palette in Medium, I think this is a good tone for where my skin is right now, it blended out so nice. I didn’t mess about with the highlight side, it’s more like pressed powder?

I used blush from the Contour Face Palette, this was one I picked up last Fall when Little and I were travelling. I love this thing! I hope they do a similar one for the holidays this year. I picked up the Strobing Illuminating Powder in the shade Flashing Pink on a hurricane snack trip weeks back and honestly forgot about it. I used it to highlight my face. Ummm. Yes.  Please.

I didn’t have any brow products, though I thought I had an LA Colors brow pencil? It was MIA so I used my normal NYX pencil in Espresso and the Dip Brow in Medium Brown. Anyone know how to reconstitute these things? I’ve added coconut oil and even Visine. Both work when I mix on my hand, but I’ve not had any luck trying to get the whole jar back to it’s normal creamy consistency. Ideas? Buy a new one? This one IS new. I’ve only used it a handful of times.

Oh, no brow gel either, so I used my Ulta one.

Anyway, on to shadow! Woohooooo! This is where things get interesting.

I said I was all about Fall right? And prior to doing my makeup, I consumed copious amounts of Halloween candy, that was the reason for the dollar store trip earlier, pre pms snacks and chocolate. TMI, I know. It happens. Well, on their newly unpacked holiday display, I found the Nude Eyes collection, tin, thing.

I’m not even going to lie, these kinds of shades do it for me. Look at all of those browns and reds. Whew, those oranges and golds just scream changing leaves.

This is how I got the first look. Ha Ha, I see what you did there Sunshine. Yes, there are two. I’ll come back to that.

There are no shade names, so I’ll do my best with descriptions and I’ll try to mark the shades I used with numbers so you’ll get the picture. It’s really classic Sunshine mechanics.

I used the Peachy shade in the crease. Followed by the lightest Cream shade on my brow bone. From there, I jumped brush first into the Red shade in the palette and placed it above my crease. I blended back and forth between the two shades until I have it fully smoked out and then I added some of the Rusty sort of color into the mix. I kinda created a halo with the Orange, Rust business, and used Maybelline concealer to cover the area of my lid I really wanted to pop. I knew I wanted to ass the Green Gold shimmery shade on this area, so I sprayed my brush with a little setting spray and went for it.

I have to admit, I was a little underwhelmed.. but I went on with it. I did add just a little of the Gold shade from the LA Colors Bare it All palette to the center of my lid to give it some life. That helped. I used a warm Brown from the palette for my bottom lash line and really smoked it out with the same shades as above. I finished the eyeshadow part of my look with the same underwhelming green gold on the inner thired of my lower lash line, and added some of the lightest shimmery shade in my inner corners. I tried to use the Dramati Lash mascara but as you can see, it did nothing at all. SO I chunked it for Clarins Supra Volume in Intense Black. There, There. That’s better. I lined my inner rim with Maybelline Lasting Drama in Rusy Terracotta and moved on to the lips.

I used the Macaron Grape Scented Lip Balm to moisturize my lips while I applied my makeup, it feels pretty good. It’s not as balmy as most and I sort of appreciate that, my hair doesn’t stick to it or any craziness like that.

First, I tried the Super Shine Pout Lip Gloss in the shade Pucker Up.

Then I tried the Metallic Lip Shine in A? It’s gold- ish?

  • If you want a lip product that will NOT budge… this is your friend.

Then, I tried the C shade, it’s a cool pink. Loved it, but not with my eye look. And B. Loved it too.  I finally settled on a liquid lipstick from LA Girl, thought it was LA Colors… I know. Where are your glasses, Sunshine. Clearly.. not on ma face.

Anyway, It’s drugstore store makeup, still super inexpensive and awesome.

Now, on to the second look. I fell in love with the little Bare it All 4 pan months ago.

I started post after post about it and changed my mind each time because I could’nt find it in store anymore. I finally found it and it’s little friend, Matterific yesterday while on my quest for junk food.

You guys, these palettes are a dollar. The Bare it All quad is one of the BEST eyeshadows I’ve ever used. Maybe I’ll do a giveaway one of these days and include it. It is bad ass, especially for day to day work life. I used Matterific this morning along with the black, silver and lightest shimmery shade from the Nude Eyes palette.

I’m not usually a cool eye look girl, but I’m feeling this.

Everything else on my face is LA Colors except for my brows and mascara.

My lip is a mix of LA Girl Matte Pigment Gloss in Secret and Broadway Elixir in Chic.

Oh, Broadway is another awesome dollar store brand. Those glosses are phenomenal. You’ll thank me later.





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