Boxy Charm October 18′

The Alter Ego.

🚨Spoiler Alert.🚨

🎀 This post holds the contents of my October Boxy Charm.

This month I received the Pur Complexion Authority Midnight Masquerade Palette.  I’ve never tried any Pur eye stuffs! I can see those blushes as eyeshadows and the eyeshadows themselves are quite dreamy.

I swatched Hidden Secret on the blush side and the more I blended it out, the golder it became. Revealed is much the same, it almost looks like two different shades. It is definitely the star of this months box.

I also received the It Cosmetics Super Hero Mascara. I’m wearing it for the first time today, it’s okay. I can see a difference with and without it, but that’s fairly normal. I don’t know,  it’s meh.

I’m meh about the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. I had the chocolate brown one, I think Crucifix is the name of it? I don’t know. My lips are textured and I’m not a fan of chocolate brown on my lips. I like makeup adventures, but not like that. Nude, or even pink or red I could have worked with. But, not that un flattering brown. Remember those dancing raisins? The California Raisins?

From Wiki

That’s the imagery I had when I thought about wearing it. So, I passed it on to my Mom, who loves long wearing lip stuff and chocolate brown.

( I passed it along before I was able to take a picture.)

I tried the Briogeo Don’t Despair Repair Strength Leave in Mask, this morning too. I have hurricane hair, so I don’t know how I feel about it. It smells good, and the scent lingers. That’s always a plus. I feel like my hair has PMS anyway, maybe this will help, it has lots of good for hair ingredients in it, including biotin an coconut oil.

I also recieved the South Mane Beauty Under Eye Gels, I’ve never heard of this brand either, I’ll have to include these in the next masking post.

I’m most excited for the Pur palette, the rest of the box was just kinda meh to me. Oh, the retail value of this month’s box is 108.$

What did you guys get in your Boxy Charm this month?



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