Mattes, Morphe and Michael πŸŒͺ

Another Hurricane? Whew, Little is out of school again, and while I sincerely appreciate the effort the school officials put into keeping our kids and staff safe, I would really love for my Little to have a Spring Break. Not that we have exotic vacation plans or anything, he will just really need a break from school by then. It’s neither here nor there, but shouldn’t the State of Emergency count for something when it comes to making those days up? Ugh.


Anyway, where was I going with that? Oh, yes. I was lamenting on how I am so ready for cooler weather and snow flakes instead of hurricanes. ❄️

My heart is with you Panama City. ❀️

I think we are supposed to start feeling the wind and rain in the morning, it’s business as usual for me. Work and home. Little gets to spend the day with his Gammy. That makes them both happy.

In my makeup world,, I’ve been playing with Morphe palettes and a handfull of singles. Specifically the matte shades and the 35 S. I think it this was my first Morphe palette I ever purchased.

Gosh, I have so many of those big ass palettes, and while they were well loved, I haven’t used them in a minute. I’m not sure why I decided to mess about with only mattes, I guess because I always go for a shimmery shade on my lids and I want to push myself to try different things, so matte it has been. Except for Tuesday, I did add a teeny bit of shimmer to my lid, not with a wet brush or anything crazy, just a little bop of the brush and I was done.

I tried to group the singles together by tone and played with them like that and I pulled some from the palette as well, especially on the pink look.

Morphe really does mattes well. I have been quite happy with the eye looks. I’m going to finish the week with the same palette and singles and see what I can come up with.

Anyway, I hope you are all safe and sound where ever you are. I’ll update ya on how the rest of the week goes as far as Mattes, and Michael ❀️




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