September Scentbird


Don’t tell anyone, but…..

I look forward to my Scentbird subscription more than I do any of the other ones.

I love perfume that much. It’s not something that I purchase and then say, well…I just bought a fragrace so I’ll wait to try this one, I do that with foundation. Mascara. Shoes. Not perfume.

Anyway, as I said in a previous post, this month I subbed one of my perfumes to try the Deck Of Scarlet palette, so I have 3 perfumes instead of the usual and customary 4. (I have 2 subscriptions, I know. I know. I told ya, I have a thing for things that smell nice.) 

Last month I chose Kat Von Dee Saint, so this month, I was sure I wanted to try Sinner. It is JUST as beautiful. I can’t wait to mix the two to see what kind of scent it brings. I also chose Nest Black Tulip. Whew. I love Nest fragrances. One of my favorites is Midnight Fleur. It’s so spicey and sexy.

I chose Burberry Brit for my sweetheart. I’m pretty sure he’s going to like it, he likes clean soapy sort of smells. ❤️

Do you guys Scentbird?  What did you chose for your fragrances this month?

If you could recommend one perfume to me, what would it be?



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